What Is the Best Time of Year to Write a Book?

I get asked this all the time:

Kim, when is the BEST time of year to write a book?

And my answer is always the same:


(After all, “now” is all we have!)

There’s no magic in waiting until January 1, summer vacation, an anniversary or birthday, after the holidays, etc.


(If you’re really asking when is the best time to LAUNCH a book, THAT has a different answer!)

Because we’re always busy.
We live full, complicated, vibrant lives.

There is no “best time of year” to write a book.

There is no “best time of year” to write a book. There's no magic on January 1. NOW is the best time to start. Here's how! Share on X

There IS however, a best WAY to write a book! And that’s using my proven system, “Finally Write Your Book” – the same system that clients around the world have used to successfully go from idea to finished book. (Some in a matter of MONTHS!)

Inside the course, you’ll get:

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    About the Author Action Sheet ($500 value) so you can easily write your author bio for the book, your marketing, and speaking gigs!
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  • And more!

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