What Is an Intuitive Ghostwriter?

One of my expert titles is “Intuitive Ghostwriter” – which means that I have a 6th sense about your writing. It’s an ability to tap into my intuition to channel your story, voice, and message. This comes both from years of training AND an innate gift.

When you decide to work with me as an Intuitive Ghostwriter, here’s how it works:

1. I write in YOUR voice and style

042115-GhostwriterKeyboardOf course it’s not going to be 100% perfect but you’d be surprised at how much like you the writing sounds. This is a skill that I’ve been developing for years.

The writing will sound like you BUT it will also be written using proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. For one of my ghost blogging clients, we had to make a transition from a prior ghostwriter who wrote in a choppy, uncomfortable manner. The writing sounded formal, stilted, and a bit like a non-native English-speaker was writing. Even though I KNEW this wasn’t how the client himself writes, I didn’t want to jar the readers by making too abrupt a correction. Over the course of 6 articles, we transitioned convey the author’s ideas and thoughts but in a writing style that is professional and conversational.

For me to write in your voice and style, I need to examine your writing. This means I spend serious hours reading and examining your blog, book, and newsletter – stuff you’ve written in the past.

2. YOU direct the game

I’m the writer; you’re the author. That means that it’s not Kim’s ideas driving the book or article – it’s yours. I’ll give you my professional opinions but at the end of the day, it’s your manuscript.

This means you have to be involved! You can’t tell me (or any ghostwriter) write a book about XYZ and expect a quality manuscript. I can do research but at the end of the day, I’m probably NOT an expert at what you do so you have to be involved with the meat of the project.

I prefer to work with research you’ve already compiled and vetted. This can be 3rd party research or even working inside what you’ve already created.

3. One cook in the kitchen

042115-CookHiring a ghostwriter is kind of like delegation — but not really. When you hire an assistant to complete a task, you don’t hand them the task with zero instructions and expect them to get started, right? When you’re working with me on a ghostwriting project, I’ve got to work directly with you.

I know it’s tempting to have me work with your assistant or VA but I can speak from experience on multiple projects that it just doesn’t work! You have a very specific vision for your book, newsletter, or blog and we need to work together to bring that vision to reality. No matter how talented your assistant is, there’s no substitute for your genius, creativity, and expertise.

I will happily work with an assistant for images, cover design, or scheduling appointments but for the actual details of the project – we need to work together with no middle man.

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4. How does research work?

I have two ways:

1. I start with the content you already have (articles, videos, audios, worksheets, etc.) and pull it together into a book-length manuscript.

2. We work together to create something from scratch. I give you my expert guidance to create the project and you feed me the details. I then write the book.

5. What types of projects do you do?

  • Ghostwrite books
  • Compile information from existing sources and “massage” it into a book
  • Free gift for subscribers
  • Articles
  • Newsletter or blog content creation

I price any book-length project on an individual basis once I know exactly what you’re looking for. It’s important to me that you know what your final project price will be so I don’t charge hourly – it’s all a flat fee.

I also offer packages for content creation for articles and newsletter content creation.

I would love to talk to you about what I do and how I can help you!

Kim Galloway
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