What I’m learning hosting the Brew Your Book Summit – Part 2

Square-Promo-1I can’t believe that in less than 24-hours a HUGE 2015 goal will be coming to fruition. Whew! What a roller-coaster ride to put on the Brew Your Book Summit!

The event is being held live, September 30 – October 2. That’s three FULL days of training, stories, and advice from published authors to help you go beyond percolating on your idea and FINALLY write your book.

I wanted to share a “sneak peek” with you – and invite you to register! Every single expert is a published author – and many have best-selling books!

Did you see last week’s “sneak peek”? Check it out here!

2JacinthTraceyDr. Jacinth Tracey
Jacinth powerfully shares her “coming of age” as an author – starting from needing to prove to people that she didn’t make a mistake reinventing herself as an entrepreneur to now writing books to empower other people – and change the world! Her message: Be FEARLESS in your writing!

2MicheleGundersonDr. Michèle Gunderson
Words have power – and Michele is a master of words! She dives deep into story – the way humans interpret our world, live our lives, and explain how our lives change. If you think “story” is only for non-fiction, think again! And taking the message above and beyond just what appears on the page, Michele also shares how story gets embodied – how it resides in your physical body.
2MatthewPollardMatthew Pollard
Matthew Pollard, aka the “Rapid Growth Guy” shares how to leverage the successes you already have into huge growth. Matthew already has FIVE multi-million dollar businesses to his name and now he’s adding “published author” to his resume. You’ll want to tune in to hear how he was able to take his right message to the right people at the right time. (Hint: I smell book deal!)

2ElizabethMenzelElizabeth Menzel
A best-selling author of three books, Elizabeth doesn’t consider herself a writer! She realized that her best bet wasn’t to write the book she thought the world needed but to write the book that made her the happiest! The book that would be the most fun to write – and the “Raise Your Vibe” series was born!
2AnneGrahamAnne C. Graham
Anne’s book journey was tumultuous – it took her nearly 7 years to bring it from idea to published. But once that happened… She became a #1 Best Seller in just 8 days! Anne’s journey also includes repurposing nearly 1,000 pages when it became clear that her book had changed directions. She’s an inspiration to being generous in the first draft and brutal in what stays and what goes!

2MoniqueDeJongMonique Marie DeJong
Monique brings a unique perspective to the trainings – she was one of the editors of an academic book! Imagine having to work with peer reviewers… Tune in for the lessons Monqiue learned through the process and how the challenges she faced are the same for all authors no matter the genre or publishing process.

2JeannieDemersJeanne Demers
Imagine being approached by a top publisher to write a book… That’s what happened to Jeanne! Listen in to discover her unexpected bump in the road that nearly derailed the book – and the success it’s had! Jeanne’s all about keeping it real and keeping the P-Demon (perfectionism) at bay!


Sponsored by Sabine Messner of Soul Purpose Branding

2SabineMessnerSabine is the Wizard of Soul Purpose Branding. And as the sponsor for the Brew Your Book summit, she’s bringing you an eye-opening 30-minute bonus training, “3 Biggest Author Photo Mistakes”. This info alone is HUGE!


Join us for a daily “Client Coffee Break” where you’ll hear from three of my FABULOUS clients: Martha Austin, LaDonna Wattley, and Denise Simon. Each of these ladies is in a different part of the writing and publishing path which is why I wanted to bring their “en media res” to you.

So here’s your next step: register to join us. This event is completely free – and there will be replays if you can’t join us live!

And be sure to share this with your friends and colleagues!

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