What I’m learning hosting the Brew Your Book Summit – Part 1

It was a goal of mine to host a telesummit in 2015. It’s a big goal! Identifying, inviting, and organizing 14 speakers to share their wisdom about writing books was a challenge. Then add in keeping track of promotion, schedules, bios, links… oh my!

But let me tell you… It’s been oh-so-worth it! The words of wisdom from these experts have inspired me to step up my own game.

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The summit is September 30 – October 2. That’s three FULL days of training, stories, and advice from published authors to help you go beyond percolating on your idea and FINALLY write your book.

I wanted to share a “sneak peek” with you – and invite you to register!

2KeithLeonKeith Leon
Keith Leon, aka “The Book Guy” learned quickly to “fail forward fast” as he was writing his books. But through it, he learned to recognize that his message was just as valid, important, and awesome as the “experts”. You’re going to want to tune into this interview for a MAGICAL story Keith tells about meeting a reader. It gave me chills!


2AmethystWyldfyreAmethyst Wyldfyre
Think about how many people you can SERVE with your book! When she was writing her book, Amethyst always kept this in the forefront of her mind so she was able to distill her message into “baby bird bites” so her audience could receive the information she was sharing.


2JJFlizanesJJ Flizanes
JJ was hired by a publisher to write a book in her field – and then realized that the book she was being paid to write wasn’t the one she was being called to write! So in a super short time, JJ wrote not one book, but two! (And became an Amazon best-selling author!)

By the way, not only is every expert a published author, each speaker is also giving you a gift to help you in writing, your business, and life. Those gifts ALONE are worth upwards of $1,400. And they’re yours when you register!

2TandyElisalaTandy Elisala
Imagine caring for two ailing parents. Then imagine doing that while battling cancer. Tandy did all of that AND wrote a book at the same time! It’s an understatement to say that she had a lot on her plate when she was called to write her book – but Tandy knew that getting started was half the battle!


2RachelRofeRachel Rofé
Rachel not only writes books under her name, but also uses ghostwriters and pen names to write outside her “niche” and publish quality books! If you’ve ever thought, “I could so write a book about that! But it has nothing to do with my business!” THIS is the interview you want to listen to. Rachel shares her wisdom (and gives must-know book promo tips for Pinterest!)


2LeslieFlowersLeslie Flowers
When you deeply love your message, you find the motivation to share it with the world! Working in the personal development space, Leslie says that it’s “almost expected” to write a book. But the book she created (and how) is the magic. Her #1 take-away: “NOT publishing your book can be very selfish; there are people out there you’re meant to touch!”


2CamdenHochCamden Hoch
When you’re open to what you’re hearing from your heart, your story tells itself. Camden’s journey with writing a publishing her book is a bit different – the book she thought she was meant to write is very different than the book she was guided to write by Guidance. Learn how Camden says in the flow of writing – and it’s something you can apply to YOUR book too!


Soul Purpose BrandingSponsored by Sabine Messner of Soul Purpose Branding

Sabine is the Wizard of Soul Purpose Branding. And as the sponsor for the Brew Your Book summit, she’s bringing you an eye-opening 30-minute bonus training, “3 Biggest Author Photo Mistakes”. This info alone is HUGE!


Join us for a daily “Client Coffee Break” where you’ll hear from three of my FABULOUS clients: Martha Austin, LaDonna Wattley, and Denise Simon. Each of these ladies is in a different part of the writing and publishing path which is why I wanted to bring their “en media res” to you.

So here’s your next step: register to join us. This event is completely free – and there will be replays if you can’t join us live!


And be sure to share this with your friends and colleagues if they’ve been wanting to write a book!

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