What Happens When A Writing Workshop Meets A Business Mastermind?

When I was in college, I took a LOT of writing classes. (My degree is in Creative Writing, after all!) And I’ve even traveled to Wales and Russia to attend writing conferences – and take more classes!

The one thing I learned was that the workshop environment was critical to my growth as an author. Let’s face it, friends and family aren’t good judges of writing. They either love EVERYTHING and tell you you’re brilliant or they tear you down out of – well for whatever reason they justify to themselves.

That’s if you can even get them to read it at all!

A writing workshop can help you meet your goals!There was something magical about reading the writings of my peers – and seeing in an instant where I fell on the scale of mastering the craft. There were always those wordsmiths that just wrote brilliantly, and also the people who were filled with clichés, purple prose, and didn’t know how to use a comma.

But we were all in it together: to get constructive feedback from others who were in the same boat. Learning, writing, sharing – and above all else, putting words to paper.

The best workshops I took were the ones that combined teaching from an author with experience and time to read, comment, and evaluate on the writing of my fellow students. It was the perfect blend of learned knowledge and activity knowledge. My writing would get better by leaps and bounds.

It surprised me in the business realm that there are lots of mastermind programs out there for business that do the same thing for our businesses, but nothing I could find that would do the same for our business writing. (Well, there’s lots of resources for blogging, but not much on writing business books!)

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The Business World Needs A Writing Workshop!

I’ve discovered that entrepreneurs have so much to share – but they don’t necessarily have the writing skills to back it up. Many can write academically (and many hold advanced degrees) but this isn’t what it takes to craft a good book for your business. And even more can write brilliant blog articles but they don’t have the foggiest idea how to translate that into writing a book-length work.

And this is why I’m creating the solution. It’s part mastermind, part writing workshop, part schoolroom, part one-on-one coaching – and all about getting your book written.

But here’s the kicker… I know from experience that the best writing workshops are small. So if this is floating your boat – or you just want to learn more – your next step is to apply. Because I’m ONLY taking 12. And they’re going to be the PERFECT 12 people.

Apply today!

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