What Actions Can You Take Today that Are a Gift to Your Future Self?

I attended a sales event from Jennifer Diepstraten in 2019. One thing she said had REALLY stuck with me:

What actions do you do TODAY are really for your future self, five years from now?

I find that English and verb tenses, especially the future tense, don’t play nicely together. So let’s look at this in hindsight:

What habits or actions do you do today that were set in motion years ago?


  • Ten years ago in July, I decided I would send a weekly newsletter on Tuesdays. I’ve never missed a week.
  • Ten years ago this August, I said yes to a first date with a guy whose online profile didn’t meet my “minimum requirements”. We’ve been married five years and have two beautiful children.
  • Seven years ago next month, I said yes to an opportunity I HAD been saying no to for the prior three years. I joined the Sassy Mastermind (year-long) and met 100% of my best friends, built a business from scratch, and have touched thousands of lives.
  • Nine months ago, I decided I would get up no later than 6:30 am to work on my business – taking training, writing emails, designing courses – before the house woke up.

Notice in this list, that some were a one-time decision that bred a long-term habit. And some were a one-time decision that changed the trajectory of my life.

So, let me ask you again:

What can you do TODAY that your future self will thank you for?

Here’s one action that you can take – that’s pretty easy, low risk, and can yield HUGE rewards:

Register a virtual ticket to “Brew Your Book – LIVE: Stop ‘Percolating’ on Your Message and FINALLY Write Your Book”.

It happens this weekend – Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

You don’t have to travel.

Heck! You don’t even have to get dressed. Come in your PJs! Let your dog snooze under your chair.

And let me pour into you.

For three days, let me help you uncover your message. Let me help you dive deep into what you want to BE in the world. Together, we’ll dig into story and storytelling – so you can share your message. And we’ll also put together a custom plan for how you’re going to write YOUR book.

Register Here.

Now, you might be thinking:

I can’t just clear three days in my life last minute!!!


You could if you HAD to. Like if somebody got sick.

And you could if you WANTED to. If you really, REALLY wanted to.

Here’s what I want you to do:

Commit to your future self. Take this action NOW.

And then, if you know you’ll miss some (or all) of the event, I want you to grab the All-Access Pass – the recordings – and commit to watching them.

(BTW: last week was a 2-day virtual retreat for a business training that I’M in. I knew I couldn’t attend much of it live. So I watched what I could and I’ve scheduled the recordings into my plan for the next two weeks. My future self will thank me.)

Here’s what you’ll learn at the event:

  • The steps to uncover your powerful message so you can move your readers – and change their lives.
  • Exactly how to write powerfully and easily – even if you think you’re not a writer or struggle with expressing yourself in written word.
  • What needs to go into the book and what doesn’t so that your reader feels that you understand them – and are here to help.
  • How to deal with procrastination, writer’s block, overwhelm, and lack of motivation so that you’re able to keep going – moving forward and making steady progress – even if your inspiration gets derailed.
  • My proven method to consistently finding the time to write no matter how busy your life is!
  • How to engage your readers – from the first page – so that they keep reading, and so they recommend your book to their friends.
  • How to share your message in a way that your readers will remember – even if they forget the steps of your process, acronym, or system.
  • Why writing a book is the best way to be seen as an expert – and how having a book can open doors to interviews, speaking gigs, and more clients.
  • And more…

PLUS, there will be a ton of time to work on your writing. To practice and get feedback.

COMING to the event is a gift from your current self to your future self. It’s a gift to the sacredness of your Message. It’s a gift to your readers.

Register Your Virtual Ticket

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