VIDEO: Have you asked “The Killing Question”… ?

Today on the first day of the last-ever “Your Bestseller – LIVE! Market Your Message to Bestseller Status” I directly addressed what I call “The Killing Question.” And this is not just relevant from last March (when this video was shot) but also today – as you’re navigating how your book impacts your reader.

Here’s this short (2 minute, 4 second) video – because I want you to write the book you’re called to write!

Here’s the transcript of the video so you can be sure to understand what I’m conveying to you.

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I help people to finally write their books and have them published. And when I get on the phone with somebody, it’s almost inevitable that I get this question:

Kim, have you read [insert name of the book here]? I want my book to be just like that.

I called this “have you read” The Killing Question because it kills your creativity. It kills your desire for your message because you want your book to be like their book.

So let’s unpack this. “The Killing Question”, at its heart is actually a really good thing because you don’t really want your book to be like theirs. Whatever that book looks like, whatever it feels like in your hands, whatever it sounds like, that’s not really what you want.

What you want is for your book to impact your readers.

The way that book, the one that you mention in The Killing Question, has impacted you.

So how do you make that happen?

Through storytelling so that you can relate heart to heart, soul to soul with your ideal readers.

How do we get started writing a book that has the essence of that heart to heart, but doesn’t succumb to The Killing Question?

Action Steps:

1. Think about your message – and what you REALLY want to share in your book. This is your North Star that guides you forward.

2. Apply to speak to me! I’d love to connect with you about your book, your message, and your Best Next Step. Apply here.

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