Video: 3 Tips for Getting “IT” Done in Our Crazy-busy Lives

Lately, I’ve been struggling as a temporary solo-parent while my husband is working out of town for two weeks. PLUS, the kiddo just isn’t sleeping. Add that into a thriving business, two active dogs, and more laundry than any one human should face and… I’ve been fighting to get “it” all done.

So what do you do? How do you get “it” all done AND get your writing done too? That’s what I’m tackling in this video.

Are you struggling to get your writing done when life gets super-busy?? I get it. Happens to me too. Here are my three tips for getting “it” done when life goes a bit … sideways.

Here are your action items:

1. Get grounded. This time period, as busy as it is, is temporary. And, yes, sucky.

2. Get it done! Time to pull up the big-girl panties and get to work. Pushing things off only goes so far and enough is enough.

3. Recharge. Powering through isn’t a long-term solution. Find the balance between getting it done and making sure you’re needs are met.

What about you? Leave me a comment to tell me YOUR best go-to steps when life is getting busy, the to do list is piling up, and the writing isn’t getting done.

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