How an ‘Unusual Conversation’ Can Lead to Your Message


I talk about it a lot. This isn’t your elevator pitch, your “I help” statement, or marketing jargon. Your message goes deeper than those things into your heart. It’s not WHO you help, but the deep reason why you are called to do it. Maybe even more than called—you have to honor your message the way you have to breathe.

For something that is so important, it can be brutally hard to find it, bring it forth from your soul to your conscious mind, and then (and only then) wrap it in marketing language so other people can really hear you.

Sometimes the easiest way to find your message is to gently sidle up to it, sideways, like you would sit next to a skittish animal, not making eye contact.

Sometimes, what you really need to do is to follow a passion that lights you up, but has “nothing: to do with your business or the work you do in the world.

For me, that was how I finally unlocked my message. By honoring the parts of me that didn’t fit the books-writing-copy bits of who I am but were just as much a part of myself as my hand or foot.

I was recently on a podcast with Dan Faulknor of Unusual Conversations getting to talk about one of those parts. Listen here.

Don’t be afraid of the parts of you that you don’t want to acknowledge. The parts that aren’t neat, tidy, or politically correct. Or the parts of you that, at first glance there’s nothing wrong with—like my love of backpacking—but that you can’t see how will fit into your business or message.

Because, THAT is where the true heart of your message lies.

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In these trainings, we’ll dig into your message. Because this is Step 1 so that you can finally write your book and share your message with the world. And yes, so you can be a bestselling author!

It all starts with message. And message starts here.

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