Unknowns Inducing Overwhelm or UIO: Author Edition

I’d like to think that I know a thing or two about allowing the “unknowns” in life take over and derail my plans…

For example, when I first started writing books of my own, I would get 80-90% of the way through the draft and then just…



Because I didn’t know what would come next. I didn’t know what editing and layout and cover design and publishing and royalties looked like.

Let’s be real:

If you never finish writing your book, you never have to figure out publishing!

The same thing happened to me when I was pregnant with my first baby. I couldn’t imagine what life with a baby looked like. So a lot of my life just… stopped. I get it that nobody has a crystal ball, but I just couldn’t wrap my head around how life would be the same and how it would change.

I didn’t even know where to begin. So I stayed stuck. Playing small. Being miserable (and broke) and then feeling bad about myself and my lack of “progress.”

Here’s the thing about me: I actually rarely procrastinate. But because I’m always busy doing something—and telling myself it’s an activity that is getting me closer to a goal—I can tell myself I’m making progress.

Yet, when there are so many moving parts at any one time, I get stuck knowing where to start, what to do next (or what to do first!), and how to keep everything I’m doing moving forward.

This is a classic definition of Unknowns Inducing Overwhelm or UIO.

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When that negative, viscous cycle starts up in your head and you can’t sleep. When the “Whatifs” have their party – and start partying about things you didn’t even know you were worried about until you suddenly can’t sleep.

I doubt that the process of writing (or not writing) you book is actually what is keeping you up at night. Frankly, in the whole scheme of UIOs, it’s probably not on your mind.

But all those unknowns ARE on your radar. At some level that unfulfilled desire is nagging you – as much as dirty dishes in the sink, mountains of laundry, not enough money, the missed deadline, the forgotten item in the yard…

It ALL contributes to overwhelm. But unlike things you can see (unfolded laundry or a messy desk) or the things you know have immediate and lasting impact (skinny bank accounts) unfulfilled desires are more insidious in how they add to your UIO list.

Because you KNOW that you have this dream: be a best-selling author.

And you know there are steps (and sub-steps!): marketing, writing, cover designs, publishing, editing, layout, your message.

But you know that you’re only looking at half a picture of all the steps AND you’re not certain the order of the steps for the pieces you can see.

Then add in the feeling of failure or guilt as you flip another month on the calendar and realize that you still haven’t finished (or started). It’s wrestling spending a beautiful afternoon outside or at the computer, getting words onto paper. Overwhelm in your life means your message gets pinched – and you don’t write.

So what can you do?

Let’s start with the end in mind. For MOST people, the whole publishing process—especially for people who want to make a big impact with their book—is the biggest hang-up, unknown aspect that induces overwhelm, and the place it feels most comfortable to start getting your answers.

Which is why I created “The Complete Self-Publishing Toolkit” to answer ALL those questions – and more – so that you can take the next step in the journey.

This is for you if your book is written and just… sitting there. Because “The Complete Self-Publishing Toolkit” walks you through ALL those next steps IN ORDER so you can get it out there.

This is for you even if you’re still writing your book. Why? Because sometimes not having the “what comes next” question answer IS what’s preventing you from putting words on paper.

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