Truth: You’ll Always Be “Too Busy” to Write Your Book

Do you ever feel like you’re just… waiting?

Waiting for things to get easier? For you to have more time? For the kids to be in school, out of school, graduated? For the business to be making more money? For the remodel to happen? For summer? For fall? After the holidays?

Before you know it… you’ve waiting yourself right out of opportunities.

I bought my first house in October 2008. I sold it in May 2015. And for the six years I lived there, I had always intended to put in a flowerbed in my front yard. I could just SEE it in my mind – tipped so you could see the flowers more from the living room window, rather than the street. That it would be formed from huge volcanic rocks. That it would be a spill and rush of colors, each plant nestled against each other…

I had always intended…

And one of my biggest regrets when I sold the house and moved out… was that flowerbed.

I was always “too busy.”

When I was in college, I thought I was sooooo busy. I took a full course load and lived on campus. So yes, that was lots of homework. And I went to many “social” activities offered by the College of Humanities and the Honors College.

What I didn’t have was a job. Or pets. Or a house. Or a boyfriend (or husband!) Or a business…

Looking back, all that “busy” was a myth.

So here’s some truth for you, my friend:

You will never ACTUALLY be less busy.

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There IS no mythical “loads of free time” moment coming. No, not even retirement. All the retired people I know say they are just as busy NOW as they were when they were working. The tasks and reasons for the busy may have changed but the fullness of life has not.

So when you give me the excuse that you’re too “busy” to come to “Brew Your Book – Live!” what I really know is that you can’t figure out how to switch your schedule.

I get it – I had to pick my dates for what worked for ME. April 7-9, 2022. And maybe you’re getting married that weekend. Or on vacation. Or it’s JUST before a big work deadline (looking at you – accountants.)

But if it’s run-of-the-mill busy…

You’re never going to NOT be busy. There will be no perfect weekend for the event – my event or anything else.

“Brew Your Book – Live!” runs Thursday, Friday, Saturday. So yes, that means that Wednesday and Sunday will be travel days. Or MAYBE you take Sunday to explore Sedona and the Grand Canyon (suggested!)

So yes, you’ll miss three days of work.


For the three days you invest AT the event – even if that becomes five days because you’ve got a travel day on either side – you’ll LEARN so much more.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The steps to uncover your powerful message so you can move your readers – and change their lives.
  • Exactly how to write powerfully and easily – even if you think you’re not a writer or struggle with expressing yourself in written word.
  • What needs to go into the book and what doesn’t so that your reader feels that you understand them – and are here to help.
  • How to deal with procrastination, writer’s block, overwhelm, and lack of motivation so that you’re able to keep going – moving forward and making steady progress – even if your inspiration gets derailed.
  • My proven method to consistently finding the time to write no matter how busy your life is!
  • How to engage your readers – from the first page – so that they keep reading, and so they recommend your book to their friends.
  • How to share your message in a way that your readers will remember – even if they forget the steps of your process, acronym, or system.
  • Why writing a book is the best way to be seen as an expert – and how having a book can open doors to interviews, speaking gigs, and more clients.
  • And more…

Register Here – Ticket Is $297

But more than that, you’ll have the experience of spending THREE DAYS working on your book. Getting closer to your dream.

Because if you can’t give yourself the gift of carving our a long weekend to do a deep dive into the book writing process, you’ll also never figure out how to carve the time out of your days, weeks, months, LIFE to actually WRITE the book.

But here’s some good news:

Just HOW to carve out that time – without sacrifice – so you can finally write the book… THAT is something I teach you AT the event.

Register Here.

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