Three Resources to Fire Up Your Creativity

This is something I don’t often talk about, frankly. I’m more of the “we write even when we’re NOT inspired” type of get ‘er done writing coach.

But for THIS week, I want you to do something that is unapologetically creative (and doesn’t serve a dual purpose for your book or business!)

Here are a few resources to help you out:

Coloring books

Sometimes it’s just too much to GENERATE creativity, especially if you’re going from the written word to something else. So here are my coloring books to get you started on creativity.

Guest Posts

Sometimes you need a different voice in your head. So here are TWO articles, written by guest experts, to get you started. Flex Your Creativity Muscle, by Kaylee White and Unlocking Your Creativity by Michelle Hamelin.

Take a Class

Two platforms I love are Domestika and Skillshare. Both offer classes in a variety of creative platforms (watercolor painting!) and can help you get out of your own head. Even if you don’t DO the projects but simply follow along, it can be enough to energize you and wake-up your creativity.

So I’m issuing you a challenge:

Put DOWN the “have to’s, should, and this-must-get-me-an-ROI” writing projects. Pick UP your pen, crayon, or paintbrush and just…


Anything goes.

Then, post it in the Facebook group for us to all enjoy. The only rule: it can’t do “double duty” for your work-in-progress or business!

Leave me a comment and let me know you’re favorite creativity-boosting resources.

Kim Galloway
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