Three Low-Cost Writing Tools for 2020

Can I give you an {uncomfortable} truth?

It’s time for you to invest in your writing.

I don’t mean yet another “nice” notebook, or a “fancy” pen. It’s time for you to invest in your learning and progression as an author.

Because, my friend, all the “free” tools, trainings, webinars, and Masterclasses will only take you so far. And as somebody who GIVES you a lot of that free content, I know that the content is pretty stellar. AND I also know that my paid stuff is even better.

So I’m bringing you three paid resources that you need to get – and then getting started in 2020 with your writing.

1. The Book Gameplan Membership

You want to write a book that means something – that shares your heart and message. A book that is engaging and life changing.

But everything you’ve done so far is… hard. You’ve tried all the “gimmicks” on how to write a book and they just aren’t what you’re looking for to write a message-driven book that is something you’re proud of.

In The Book Gameplan Membership, I’ve broken down my proven system so that you can FINALLY write your book. You’ll be guided through the process step-by-step so you can actually write the book that’s on your heart.

And it’s only $97 a month!

Become A Member >>> Book Gameplan Membership

2. Book Idea Workbook

Want to write a book that gets your message out but you worried nobody will read it?

You need the PERFECT idea for your book that will make your prospect say “Yes! THIS is what I want to know!” You can easily discover the topic for your book that your people can’t WAIT to buy and read.

In these ten exercises, you’ll dial in on what you REALLY want to write about and then have the tools in place to get started.

Even if you think you know what your book is about, the Book Idea Workbook will help you hone in and confirm that yes, THIS is what you should write about. This is exactly where I have ALL of my VIP clients start. It’s a $300 value – yours for $197.

Temporarily out of retirement, this is my most impactful mini-course.

Get it here >>> Book Idea Workbook


3. The Writer’s Goal Setting Workbook: A Step-By-Step Process to Getting Your Writing Done

The world needs your voice. It needs your writing, your message, your heart. And you need to share your message (and FINALLY write your book!)

You also need a bit of help. A way to structure your plans, let go of what hasn’t been working, and move forward – and see that, yes, YOU, are making progress. Hint: when you track your writing, you’ll be amazed at a. How often you’ll write. How quickly the words/pages/chapters add up!

This workbook will hold your writing dreams. Let it. Write them down and set them free.

This is a $150 value – yours for just $30.

Get It Here >>> Writer’s Goal Setting Workbook



Now, I’m going to make you a special deal. When you become a member of the Book Gameplan Membership AND purchase The Book Idea Workbook, I’ll send you a physical copy of “The Writer’s Goal Setting Workbook: A Step-By-Step Process to Getting Your Writing Done” for free.

And I’ll even take it one step better and I’LL pay to have it spiral bound for you before I ship it directly to you. But this offer is only available until January 20, 2020

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