Are You ThisClose and Scared to Keep Going?

Are you letting your fears keep you from taking the next step?


Are you one of the people who is [ThisClose] to the next step in your book but you’re stalled out?

  • You’re [ThisClose] to completing your first draft… and needing an editor.
  • You’re [ThisClose] to having those edits finalized… and needing to think about book layout.
  • You’re book layout is done… and you’re [ThisClose] to needing that cover design.

Or maybe you’re earlier in the process – and you know that your book is underway, but you really need some coaching. And without that outside help, you’ll stay [ThisClose] to taking the next step.

To me, this is an uncomfortable place. It feels like I’m descending a staircase and one foot is forever dangling in the air. But my supporting leg isn’t locked at the knee. Oh no, I’ve already started to bend that leg, shifting my weight from the top leg to the bottom and I’m frozen, muscles cramping, knee aching, teetering and reaching for the handrail – that’s always a little out of reach.

It’s the [ThisClose] place that wakes me up at 2 am and starts my mind whirling so I can’t get sleep.

(Or in my current situation, it’s what keeps me from falling asleep after the 2 am feeding of the baby!)

Take a deep breath with me.

This, unfortunately, is a normal place to be.

And if you linger there too long, you’ll forget your discomfort (or pain!) and become complacent. Your book will always be [ThisClose] and you’ll never bring your message to the world.

But don’t mistake me:

You are still in pain. You’re still lingering forever in liminal space, unable to cross the threshold. While your conscious mind might allow you to think you’re okay, it’s not a big deal to let this dream pass you by, your unconscious mind will nag you from the shadows, reminding you of a broken promise to yourself.

And you’ll continue to wake up at 2 am.

Please, PLEASE, don’t stall out [ThisClose] to your dream. Take the next step and stay in momentum. And let’s chat – we’ll look at where you’re [ThisClose] and what is your best next move. Apply for a Writing Adventure Discovery Session now.

Kim Galloway
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