There IS a magical day in every year…

When I walked into PT Tuesday morning, the therapist commented how since it is November second, the year was practically over.


No, it isn’t!

We have TWO WHOLE MONTHS left in 2021.

Are the last 65 days of the year a bit… hectic? From Halloween through New Year’s, yes, we’re ALL super busy with extra activities.

But that doesn’t mean the year is OVER just give up! There are still EIGHT WEEKS left in the year with which to go after your goals, dreams, and yes, work on your book.

Eight weeks is a long time. It has so much potential. Don’t just give up.

I totally get the feeling of “Ugh. Let’s just get OUTTA here already!” Except, may I remind you we thought that exact same thing LAST November and what did it get us?

All this anxiousness for the last 60 days and then January rolled around and you realized something:

Nothing MAGICAL actually happens on January 1!


Not in 2019.
Not in 2020.
Not in 2021.
Not in 2022.

Let me tell you the most magical day of the ENTIRE YEAR.

Are you ready?

I’ll build the suspense…











Today is the most magical day of the year.

Today is the perfect day to start, to begin again, to renew your goal or intention, to rest, recoup and THEN start again.


And no, I’m not being trite or oversimplistic.

Today really IS the best day for you. It’s got all this MAGIC and possibility.


Sure, January FEELS sparkly and new. But in the northern hemisphere it’ll still be cold, windy, dreary, and more cold. (Almost exactly like December except without Christmas lights.)

It’s not ACTUALLY magical.

Today, you can make magic.

And here’s where it starts:

I want you to take a BIG action toward writing your book. Yes, a BIG one.

I want you to invest in yourself, your message, your story, and your readers by enrolling in “Storytelling for Non-Fiction Authors: Learn to Write Captivating, Emotion-Invoking Stories that Keep Your Reader Turning Pages and Get Your Message Across” which I’ll be teaching LIVE – starting November 8.

Enroll Here

  • After our five weeks of live training together, you will have the skills to effectively share your story – so that your reader is engaged, learning, and above all, REMEMBERS the principles you’re teaching.
  • You’ll no longer be struggling to come up with “examples” – you’ll know when to use a story and how to craft it.
  • You know exactly how to create emotions in your reader – no need to increase the drama or trauma.
  • You will know that your writing isn’t boring, pedantic, or too heavy. Your reader will keep turning pages.
  • You know your message is getting across – so you can help the people you’re meant to help.

Enroll Here >>> Your Book Needs Stories

Don’t wait! I know it’s so EASY to make this one more thing you have to “think about” or plan to do later. Except you’ll forget (I do!) And then when you go back… the early bird expired. Or the course is full.

To help you make the decision, I’m also offering a great Early Bird Bonus to the first 10 authors who enroll. You’ll join me for a half-day virtual storytelling retreat to get my eyes on your writing. That’s a $997 value RIGHT THERE on TOP of the other amazing bonuses you get when you enroll.

So enroll right now.


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