The Relevancy of WHY Your Message Matters

The guiding principle of everything I do with clients, every single interaction, training, VIP call, decision… EVERYTHING boils down to one thing:

How can I help them get this message out into the world?

Because, my fellow author,

Your Message Matters.

It’s easy for that to devolve into a catch phrase or marketing jargon. But that isn’t how I see message at all.

Message, at its core, is how you connect to another human on the planet – soul to soul, heart to heart.

Think of the last time you had a connection like that. Perhaps it was with your child, your spouse, your best friend…

It was a connection that was so deep and pure you just KNEW what the other person was feeling. It transcended words – and often words weren’t even needed. In that moment of connection, you both felt heard, understood, loved. You knew that you were precious, and your companion knew that too.

That, my darling author, is what message feels like.

Nothing in there was marketing jargon. It wasn’t a soundbite, it didn’t boil down to a motto, catch phrase, or mission statement.

Let me say it again:

Message, at its core, is how you connect to another human on the planet – soul to soul, heart to heart.

Message, at its core, is how you connect to another human on the planet – soul to soul, heart to heart. Share on X

FINDING that message, being able to articulate it through our imperfect, and often clumsy, English language is the whole purpose of your book.

And frankly, it’s my whole purpose in business (and probably in life too!)

When you’re feeling like you don’t matter, like the work you do, the business you’re creating, the book you’re writing isn’t relevant in the face of WHATEVER passing disaster the world is throwing at you, I want you to recall that moment of connection. To that person, in that moment, you WERE the world.

Think about your message – how you want your reader to FEEL when she receives it.

That feeling – that love, connection, KNOWING that they’re not alone, feeling how much you care – that always is relevant.

The packaging of your message, the topic of your book, is the vehicle through which your message lands on the reader and impacts her life. It doesn’t matter if the TOPIC is diet or relationships, overcoming abuse or shopping for the perfect outfit, because topic is the “skin” of your message; message itself is the heart.

Let me put your mind at ease:

Your message matters.

It is as relevant today, in March 2024, as it was in 1980 and as relevant as it will be in 2035.

Hey! I see you thinking that a TOPIC doesn’t stay relative for 40+ years. And yes, few TOPICS do, because our world does change. The relevancy of your message never changes though, because it is indivisible from you and your soul. You matter therefore your message matters.

Uncovering your message isn’t straightforward. You have to slide up to it sideways, gently as coaxing a timid kitten from under a shed. You have to allow your heart to bubble up, give your mind a chance to quiet so your soul can speak.

I’m Really Good at helping my authors do that so the elusive Message can take form.

Uncovering Your Message is Step 1 in the process I guide ALL my authors through. It isn’t something that you can do alone (so don’t be frustrated if you’ve tried and “failed”.)

In fact, we spend an entire DAY on your message at my upcoming virtual live event, “Your Bestseller – NOW! Market Your Message to Bestseller Status” because knowing your message is the foundation for writing AND marketing your book.

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