The Procrastinator’s Guide to Writing Your Book

You want to write a book.

It’s been on your heart for a while.

And yet, when you sit down to write you feel the sudden need to:

  • Scrub a toilet.
  • Purge the pantry.
  • Call your third cousin, twice removed and see how her ex-mother-in-law’s toe surgery went.

You want to do ANYTHING but write your book!

  • It’s not about willpower.
  • It’s not about reward and punishment.
  • It’s not about procrastination.

It’s 100% about starting in the wrong place!

Because if your “To Do” list says:

Write Book

I can GUARANTEE you’ll struggle.

That to do list item just isn’t clear enough to get you into motion – and keep you there.

And it’s exactly why I have packed “Step 5: WRITING Your Book” in my proven course, “Finally Write Your Book” FILLED with all the ways that you can get OFF the procrastination train, create a consistent (and painless) writing habit, and ACTUALLY GET YOUR BOOK WRITTEN.

Lessons include:

  • The “Done” Line
  • Kim’s 10-Word Writing Mantra
  • Honoring Your Preferences
  • Writing Time vs Thinking Time
  • The Power of Mini-Goals
  • Fitting In Your Writing Time
  • Overcoming Procrastination
  • What to Do If You’re Stuck
  • And so much more! (24 lessons in total!)


Doors open soon for Finally Write Your Book. Inside the course, you’ll get:

  • Kim’s full “Story Path” System ($5000 value) this is the exact same PROVEN system that has helped authors JUST LIKE YOU write their books
  • Students-Only Facebook Community ($3750 value) where you can find your accountability buddy, access the group Q&A call, and have ongoing support
  • Monthly Group Q&A Call ($2000 value) so you have MY brain on your book — and hear from your fellow message-driven authors.
  • How to Take Author Headshots ($400 value) so that your readers can instantly connect with you.
  • About the Author Action Sheet ($500 value) so you can easily write your author bio for the book, your marketing, and speaking gigs!
  • Software Recommendations ($1000 value) so you know exactly what you need to write your book and don’t waste time “shopping” for programs.
  • CTA worksheet ($500 value) — so you can have your readers take actions (buying a course or getting on your list) without having your book read like a long-form sales letter OR leaving the “work with me” to be an afterthought.
  • And more!


NOW actually IS a great time to write your book. You’re already busy – might as well stop waiting and start writing.

The good news is that enrollment opens soon for my proven course, “Finally Write Your Book.”

The BEST news is that everything IN the course – from your learning to your writing time – is designed to be done in about 15 minutes a day. Which is something you CAN fit into your day, even as busy as you are.

And as soon as you enroll, you have instant access to the entire course AND you’ll have lifetime access so you can do it at your own pace! No need to KEEP waiting on that “As soon as…” to happen in your life.

RIGHT NOW – get my TOP tips for getting more writing done (WITHOUT having to give up your life) in my free class, “How to Finally Write Your Book (5 Steps) in 2023 – Without Sacrificing Your Life!” Register Here.

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