The Intersection of Time and Fear

I’ve had dozens of people email me over the past week – telling me what their biggest challenge is around writing their book.

It boils down to pretty much two things:

  1. How can I find more time to write?
  2. Am I doing this writing… right?

When those two challenges show up in combination… it’s a recipe for inaction (and then getting MAD at yourself for not writing!)

My darling author, let’s look at this okay?


Imagine me holding your hand and saying this very gently:

We make time for the things that matter.

And if you look at your life, you’ll find it’s true. You’ll also find that it’s EASIER to make time for other people – less so for yourself. Which is why you’re probably also struggling to find time to exercise (me!), go to bed at a decent hour, pursue your hobbies, and yes, write.

The things that seem “easy” are caring for other people – those kids HAVE to eat, they HAVE to have clean clothes (even if they aren’t folded), and the dog HAS to be fed. If you’ve got clients or a job, you rarely, if ever, drop THOSE balls – they are cared for.

Now, add in the fact that you are TIRED. It’s so easy to watch TV, scroll social media, even disappear into a book. And that’s okay! You’ve GOT to have time to switch off your brain and rest.


We make time for the things that matter.

We make time for things that matter. Your book, your message... MATTERS. Click To Tweet

Writing your book DOES matter. And you WANT to make time to write. But… here’s where time intersects with fear. Because WHY spend your time on something that, while enjoyable and you WANT to do, you’re riddled with self-doubts about if your message does in fact, matter; will anybody READ the book, and are you writing “correctly” so people will want to read it later.

Does my writing MATTER?

We WANT to make an impact in the world. We WANT to make a difference, to help people. We also want to be liked, respected, and appreciated.

Writing is a solo activity. And it’s almost impossible to figure out if you’re doing it “right” on your own. You either think all your writing is BRILLIANT and wonderful… or your convinced it’s all crap and you should never write again.

There’s no middle ground.

And then you ask people to read your writing and you get…

  • People who blindly love it. You’re pretty sure it isn’t THAT good but these people won’t give you any feedback that you can build from.
  • People who are coming after your commas – and you’d better be aware they will point out EVERY grammar mistake, typo, or misspelling. While this is helpful as a copyeditor before publication, these people make you feel crappy because they also aren’t giving you the feedback you need. (But man-oh-man are you aware that you use an inappropriate amount of parenthetical statements!)

So what are you supposed to DO?

How do you find the time to write AND how do you know if what you’re writing is good? (Or what, exactly, in your writing needs improvement!)

You need a writing mentor. A book coach. And a book-writing SYSTEM that guides you through the steps of writing a book – including the actual WRITING part. (Not the bit that says: now go out and DO it.)

There’s this myth that you MUST write alone. That if it’s not you, a single guttering candle, cut off gloves with ink-stained fingers, you’re somehow doing it WRONG.

There’s also this myth that you MUST suffer from all these self-doubts.

AND the myth that you have to write deep into the night, alone, because that’s the only “acceptable” time to write. (God forbid you want to SLEEP at 2 am and you’d like to watch the birds flutter by while you’re writing at 10 am!)

Oh, my darling author.

There IS another way.

First off, I’m digging into all these fears (and myths) and more on my free class, “The PROVEN 5-Step System to Finally Write Your Book”. And it’s not just “these are false” because they aren’t false. They are REAL fears and time is a REAL factor. I don’t just tell you to “get over it” because that is as helpful as Bacon-the-Rooster trying to lay eggs.

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Secondly, you do NOT have to do this alone. You CAN have a guide on the writing journey. One who has done it before personally (20+ books of my own) AND knows how to coach somebody through the process (dozens of successful clients who have written their books.)

Because while there are definite themes to the fears, doubts, and worries that plague authors, there is also YOU unique set of time challenges and self-doubt inner talk. Which is why I love offering plenty of support and Kim-Time to my authors.

Enrollment for my course, Finally Write Your Book, is open NOW. And in that course, you get the step-by-step system to write your book, ongoing support, and plenty of cheerleading, encouragement, and your questions answered.

  • You CAN find the time to write – and it’s less than you think you need.
  • Your message DOES matter – and you’re the ONLY one who can share it.
  • You don’t have to write ALONE – you’re worthy of support and worthy of constructive (and kind) feedback.

Above all…

Your Message Matters.

Kim Galloway
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