The Confident Solution for Attracting Book Endorsements

You’ve come so FAR on writing your book – but now you’re thinking ahead into selling your book.

It feels both exciting…

And terrifying.

What if all the hard work you’ve put in doesn’t sell enough books? Get you the recognition you want? Allow you to help the people you want to reach?

You need a CONFIDENT way to step in your brilliance and attract the exact right book endorsement to sell your book. Here’s how that happens:

1. EVERYBODY puts their pants on one leg at a time.

You. Me. Your reader. AND that perfect person you want to ask to give you a book endorsement.

When I get star struck – by ANYBODY – I remember this fact:

They aren’t so perfect/amazing/famous/brilliant/kind/beautiful that they can put their pants on any other way than ONE leg at a time. This instant humanizing reminds me that we’re both humans – with ideas and egos – and allows me to connect to them as a person.


2. Your book needs to HELP people – it’s part of the job to reach them

You sparkle so bright – so you can shine on others and SPREAD that fabulousness. You’ve got a big heart so you’ve poured it into your book.

And much like a disco ball that is useless in the dark, you know that sharing your light, your message, is what is so needed to have other people feel better.

Tap INTO that sparkle! Go back and read your file of testimonials and every time someone told you that you helped them. Then make a list of your people who might endorse your book from that place of “Yes! I’m amazing!”

3. Use a proven PLAN to ask for book endorsements

While your sheer awesomeness can and will attract the right readers to your book – marketing helps. A lot.

And it’s marketing of your book’s IDEA and MESSAGE that is what you need to put forward to get the best book endorsements. The great news:

You don’t have to figure that out on your own. Using my course, “Seek a Celeb: Getting Endorsements that Get Attention” you have a 3-step process to help you identify the {right} famous person to write a book blurb for you, how to ask them, and how to keep track of who you’ve asked and when you need to follow up. All so you can USE that blurb to sell more books without running around in circles.

Because a confident solution isn’t the one where you wing it! It’s the one where you KNOW that you’re getting out there – in the right way – to get what you want: book endorsements.

Learn more and enroll in Seek a Celeb now.

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