That time I got it all wrong…

Story time:

That time I got it all wrong…

It was 2012 and I had this wild, audacious idea that I was going to start an online business around books: writing them, publishing them, launching them.

After all, I had a degree in Creative Writing, five books of my own (including a runaway bestseller,) and a deep NEED to leave my dad’s tax practice (where I’d been working for the last ten years.)

A chance email from Ali Brown – who I’d followed for YEARS at that point after taking her pilot course about creating an ezine – led me to THE woman I needed: Lisa Sasevich. Now, Lisa is known for teaching her “Speak to Sell” course… But what she was launching in that moment was “Five Figure Teleseminars” (the ‘webinar’ bit was added later – this was in 2012 and webinars just weren’t a thing yet.)

I sat ENRAPTURED through a 3-hour livestream. Then I ran into Dad’s office demanding his credit card because I was going to buy a $997 course on how to take my “how to publish for Kindle” idea and put it online. My dad, being the supportive man he is, handed over the card without a word.

On her live calls, Lisa kept talking about her event, coming up that October. It was in Southern California (driving distance!) and I had a bonus ticket from being in her class (score!) All I had to do was get there…

What that REALLY meant was finding the money to get DAD and I there. I won’t drive on Southern California freeways. I’ll fast-forward through the gritty details and tell you, we made it.

Now, if you’ve been around me at all, you’ll know that it took THREE YEARS of listening to Lisa make her offer to join her in Sassy, her year-long mastermind, before I said yes. Three YEARS of going home crying because I didn’t take her up on the offer…

But while this IS the first time I heard the offer, this story isn’t about “regret” in not joining Sassy.

Because after she made her oh-so-desired offer to invest $18k in her year-long program, I was in sticker shock. I had NO CLUE that people would ask – or invest – that much. Kim of 2012 decided she’d raise that money – someday.

And then Lisa did something magical…

She laid out what it would take to CREATE an online business – all the steps. And HANDED ME A WORKSHEET.

Looking back, after having DONE events, I know two things:

1. That was actually designed to say “look how HARD this is. Let me guide you!” and as a last pitch to join Sassy.

2. I got it 100% wrong.

Because I thought I had this ROAD MAP. I thought it was clear. I took that worksheet and ran. I was a MONSTER at creating the “things” on it so I too could be successful.

I LOVE a good checklist. I love my to do lists. I love writing things down just so I can check them off. I love ADDING things I’ve done – so I can cross them off.

Now we fast forward three years. Three years of dutifully crossing things off this “Master Plan” that Lisa had given me. I had FINALLY joined Sassy. I had left Dad’s tax practice the year before and was full-time in my business – and 100% supporting myself. Ben and I had JUST bought our house together.

I was sitting in my first every Sassy retreat – in Southern California. (Yes, I went by myself. It’s amazing what you can do when you realize that Dad The Chauffeur isn’t the ONLY way to get there!) And Lisa brought it out… The Worksheet. The roadmap I’d been following for all those years.

And I had a startling realization.

I had done a GREAT job creating all the THINGS that were on the worksheet. Stuff like my optin gift, emailing my list, lining up affiliates, creating my signature talk, having a preview call, etc.

But what I had COMPLETELY MISSED was that these weren’t just THINGS. They weren’t a box of spoons – each one identical and equal.

They were SUPPOSED to be a framework. A system. They BUILT a business – IF they worked together. If they were done in ORDER.

{insert wild cussing here}

No WONDER I was still struggling. I had done the online business equivalent of tossing spaghetti at a wall. What stuck were clients (yay) but MOST of it hit the ground. Enough that I WAS supporting myself.

But not enough that I could EVER stop the hustle. I had pieces but no structure.

Really hard to actually create a functioning online business.

Are you getting that sinking feeling too?

The one that says, “I think I’m doing this too.”

Not about your online business (if you have one.) But about your book.

Because it’s a HUGE myth that all you need to do is “sit down at a typewriter and bleed” (Hemmingway) to write a book.

Writing a book DOES take, well, writing.

But it doesn’t START at the computer. Writing a book doesn’t START with… writing.

(Most people follow that initial burst of inspiration. But it wears off and then what?)

I want to give you the plan to write your book. And I want to MAKE SURE you fully understand Step 1. Together. In person. Where you can ask questions, get feedback, NOT BE CONFUSED.

That’s what we’re doing at “Brew Your Book – Live! Stop “Percolating” on Your Message and FINALLY Write Your Book.”

You need to be there. Yes, this IS a live event. Yes, it takes travel – and it’s 100% fine if YOU need to convince YOUR dad to drive you there! (In fact, you can bring a friend at a wicked-amazing discounted rate.)

But you need to be there.

Even if YOU get it “wrong” – think of all the progress you’ll make on your book.

(This is a small intimate room of up to 30 people. I’ll make sure you don’t get it “wrong.” Lisa’s room was 300+; it’s not her fault I didn’t understand. She couldn’t see my face in the crowd! That will NOT be your experience at MY event.)

Coming OUT of your normal environment and traveling, being in a room with me for three days, letting me pour into you (and feed you), and hearing from your fellow authors will be life changing.

Register Here.

Because, no matter what, YOUR message matters. And it’s time to finally write your book and share your message with the world.

P.S. I don’t even have a PICTURE from me at that event. I was too shy to stand in line to take a picture with Lisa. But at “Brew Your Book – LIVE!” I will really get to know YOU – so you won’t be too shy to get a picture with me!

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