From the Vault: Brew Your Book Summit Interviews

Let’s change it up!

I’ll be the first to admit… sometimes I don’t WANT to write an article. No matter how good I am with my editorial calendar or how dedicated I am to NEVER missing a week, there are times when that blinking cursor gets me down.

The nice thing about having brought you weekly wisdom for over 4 years is that I DO have a “backlist” of articles that I can freshen up and bring to you again. That’s timeless content that’s pretty easy to re-do.

But then there are times when even THAT sounds boring!

So this week, I wanted to bring you something completely different – and I’m celebrating my 200th CONSECUTIVE Newsletter – so that calls for a BIG celebration!

I’m giving you access to one of the archived interviews from EACH of the Brew Your Book Telesummits!

Camden Hoch (2015)

About Camden:

Camden Hoch is a transformational coach, author, yoga instructor and mom. She empowers men and women seeking to align their lives and businesses to let go of sabotaging beliefs, lead with their intuition and enjoy a fulfilling, balanced journey of adventure, prosperity, and service.

Hear from @CamdenHoch on the Brew Your Book Telesummit! (Permanent Replay) #BrewYourBook #amwriting Click To TweetClients are magnetized to Camden and her Radiance Coaching Programs for her grounded unique business strategies combined with spiritual integrity.  Her kindness and compassion mixed with wisdom and grit inspires her clients to push the edge to grow every aspect of their lives from their true voice.  She’s committed to her own growth to serve and inspire others to confidently live their truth and live from their highest potential.

Her first book, “Roadmap to Radiance” is her memoir of letting go of secrets and standing in the power of truth. Her vulnerability, humble wisdom and inspiration stand out to make her first book a must read for real transformation in your life.

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