Guest Post: Maribel Jimenez

One of the questions that people love to ask me is about launching a book. And they’re always a bit disappointed when I tell them that launching a book is like launching an online program – you follow the exact same steps.

Sorry, there is no shortcut here! You’ve got to do the launch.

But I can give you some help – let me introduce you to MY launching mentor, Maribel Jimenez. Maribel is the one who taught me the ins and outs of launching for my online programs and for my books. She took my launching efforts from “just barely there” to “Wow! That works – and I can do it again and again!”

I want you to experience the same!

Myth: To Make More Money, You Must Work More…

Today, I’m breaking this myth that in order to make more money, you must work more. I will share how not only is it NOT true, but you can actually work less AND make more.

Before I break this myth, let me start by saying I believed it to be true.

I spent most of my life working a traditional job, the statement that I needed to work more to make more was true to an extent because I worked hourly.

It was ingrained in me for years, and I never actually questioned it. I just kept working and as I earned more per hour, I earned more overall.

Then 15 years later I took the leap as an entrepreneur, and it was still second nature to me to think that. I didn’t know any other way than to put in tons of hours and work hard to be successful.

So guess what?

I put in tons of hours and worked hard… but I wasn’t successful. So I put in MORE hours because I wanted to feel like at least I was trying to be. I kept putting in the hours because I really didn’t know how to turn myself off.

In my head I carried all these beliefs that said things like – “Work hard now and play later,” “It takes hard work to be successful”, “You must put in the time to make things work”, “You must do this for your family and they will understand it’s for them”… and on and on.

Here’s the problem…it’s not about the time you put in…you can put in tons of time and not be successful. I figured that one out.

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