3 Tips to Protect Your Writing from Computer Crashes

I got a panicked text message from a VIP client this week: her computer had “lost” 20 pages of her manuscript.

Let me say that again:

Twenty pages of her book… gone.

Having a panic attack? Us too!

That’s why, once a year, I take the time to remind you to take care of your computer system. Here are my top three tips for making sure your machine is in top shape.

1. Invest in an automatic, cloud-based backup

Personally, I use Carbonite. It runs in the background and automatically backs up ALL my files, as they’re updated. Yes, you have to be online for it to work – but there’s nothing you have to remember to actually DO.

And just last week, I accidentally over-rode an image file – a stock image I’d purchased. I might have let a quiet “shit!” slip out – and of COURSE Small Thing was right there and couldn’t WAIT to repeat it for me. But I digress…

With two clicks of my mouse, I was able to restore the “old” file and carry on my day. Whew!

I also love Carbonite because I can ask it to back up my audio and video files. So I know that as I’m creating trainings for my VIP clients, they’re automatically backed up.

For $72/year, it’s a no-brainer investment. Here’s a link to enroll:

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