Candles, Love, and Bear Hugs

Last August I wrote an article about feeling like a lone candle in the dark. Since then, I’ve carried that metaphor into a few different pieces – either articles or my weekly personal note to you in the newsletter.

Candles are a lot like love.

Lighting a candle from one already lit diminishes the first candle NOT AT ALL.

Love doesn’t divide, it multiplies. The more you give, the more you have.

Today, one candle to another, I want to send you my love. I want to reach through these words and wrap my arms around you in a hug (I give GREAT hugs) and be with you for a moment.

It’s not a quiet, sad kind of love with a gentle, gentle hug.

Nope, my fellow candle, it’s a big bear hug, I haven’t seen you in months and I’ve MISSED you, jump up and down and celebrate kind of hug. It’s the joyous way toddlers CRASH into legs with abandon, wrapping sticky arms around you in an unashamed burst of joy.

See, I’ve figured some stuff out since last August.

1. I’m not carrying your dream – you are!
Here’s the thing – you never actually ASKED me to carry it in the first place. So all that stress and worry and aching arms and heart over carrying your dream of being a published author – it was never mine in the first place. I stressed myself out (and maybe you too!) for something that wasn’t mine.

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