Summer IS Now. Let’s FINALLY Write Your Book!

Ah, summer!

A colleague of mine, who specializes in overcoming procrastination, recently posed the question: “Are you more productive in summer, or less?”

I wasn’t surprised that so many people say they struggle during the summer months. It’s hard to resist the lure of the swimming pool, ice cold watermelon, and the magic of longer evenings watching the purple sky fade as the starts pop out.

With 2019 half over, it can feel like it’s time to throw in the towel for your goals. I understand that feeling too. I have a goal to be interviewed on 75 podcasts this year; I’ve completed four interviews. And there’s a part of me that feels like I should just give up. The difference between 4 and 75 feels huge.

Just like the difference between where you are now and “write my book” feels huge.

Here’s the thing though:

2019 isn’t over.

And NOW is the best time to write your book.

Summer doesn’t have to fade away in “lost” time and “lazy” days. Don’t throw in the towel for the whole year on July 1!

Let me tell you a story of starting in the middle of the year…

It was summer 2013. I’d been “playing” at my business for almost a year. I’d already invested $6000 in November 2012 to sponsor an event – where I’d gathered a total of 158 leads. And after an initial rush of activity to those people, I’d let my contact with them die out.

That June, I decided that if I ever wanted to leave my job at Dad’s tax office, I’d better make a change. So I started with what I knew:

Write an article. Send an email.

I picked Tuesdays. And I told myself that No.Matter.What. every single Tuesday, I would write an article and send it to my people. All 158 of them.

It wasn’t January – the season of fresh starts.

It was the last week in June —  and my first newsletter was due out the next week, the first Tuesday of July.

So Tuesday rolled around and…

I wrote an article. I sent an email.

Then the next Tuesday. And the next. And the next.

And here we are, 311 Tuesdays later (that’s almost 6 years) and I’m STILL holding to that commitment I made to myself.

(Hang tight; I’m going to tell you about my Newsletter Celebration in just a moment!)

So what does this have to do with YOUR book?

It means that NOW is all we have.

So why not now?

Yes, it’s summer.
Yes, you’re “busy.”
Yes, things are going on.

Here’s the truth:

You’ll be ever bit as “busy” in the fall, or in January, or on your birthday, or WHENEVER. There will always be dinners to make, kids to chase, stars to watch, clients to serve, bills to pay, and LIFE.

The idea that “at THIS moment, I’ll have time to write” really never comes. You’re putting your dream on hold for some future moment. And worse than that, you’re telling your precious reader, “You’re not important enough for me to make time NOW. I’ll get to you someday.”

NOW is what you have. This moment in your busy, imperfect, full life.

So it’s time to get started!

To help you out, I’m throwing a HUGE party over the next two weeks, celebrating the 6th Year of the Newsletter. I’m bringing you some great tools and resources to help you shake the dust off your ideas and your keyboard, make the commitment to your message, and make 2019 the year you FINALLY write your book.

Your first gift is my all-new, never-before seen infographic, “Why 2019 is the Year to FINALLY Write Your Book”

Your book is how you can reach more people than ever before. (And if you’re still unsure if a writing a book is a good move for you, did you know that speakers can charge 40-50% MORE in speaking fees if they’ve written a book?!)

Get It Here.

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