Are You Suffering from Bright Shiny Object Syndrome?

Are You Suffering from Bright Shiny Object Syndrome?

If you’ve been around the online coaching/programs/services world at all, you’ll have heard the term “bright shiny object syndrome” which is used to describe an online entrepreneur who bounces from one marketing or promotional technique to another. It looks like this:

I’m gonna start a podcast!

Two weeks later:

I’m off to launch my VIP program!

6 weeks later:

I’m blogging!

A month after:

I’m mentoring with Ingrid Internet.

Three weeks later:

Off to write my book!

Four days later:

I’m launching a group program!

A week later:

I’m doing Facebook Ads!

And it continues through:

A yoga retreat!
Instagram Stories!
Reviving Periscope!
Home study program!

And on and on and on it goes. With this person dashing helter-skelter from one marketing technique to another, jumping from one mentor to another faster than changing socks, and even changing the entire transformation they offer nearly as quickly.

Deep breath.


There is nothing wrong with having multiple marketing streams, multiple ways to make money, and multiple mentors.

With one huge caveat:

You’re always staying focused on your core message. And only on your core message.

When you know what your message is, then you’re able to apply those multiple marketing streams. You’re delivering the same message IN your book, ON your podcast, FROM stage, IN person, and most importantly, TO your clients.

You can take your message, and the transformation or outcome you provide, and sell it in different ways. A book, VIP work with you, group courses, and more.

And, frankly, you need different mentors who are experts in the different areas you need so that you can be a well-rounded messenger.

Let’s break this down around what I do:

Everything I do starts from one place:

Your Message Matters.

That has a couple of variations for audiences and it breaks down from the overreaching MESSAGE into the practical tips of:

  • 5 Mental Monsters
  • Mini Goals
  • The intersection of Message and Marketing

So when you’re reading my newsletter, hearing me speak, or in one of my courses – the key to FINALLY writing your book, starts with your message.

I can’t help anybody write their book if we’re not starting from message.

And what (paid) options do I offer to help you write your book (and find your message!)?

  • The VIP Mentorship
  • 1-on-1 work
  • Bestseller Book Launches

Now, when we’re looking at who I’ve mentored with, THAT list is long and varied. Each mentor brought me a piece of learning that I needed. But they all had one thing in common:

The mentor honored MY message and, while they would help me refine it and hone it and reach more people with it, they didn’t try to CHANGE it.

Let me amend that:

I didn’t KEEP them as a mentor if they tried to change my core message.

How does this relate to writing your book?

It’s super simple:

I want to help you find your message so that you can finally write your book.

Because, my dear, that is what I do. It’s the ONLY thing I do.

And I do it for only one reason:

Your Message Matters.

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