Steal Bestseller Secrets for Shifting Your Mood – Instantly – to Get Back into the Writing Flow

As a bestselling author (who creates bestselling authors!) I know a thing or two about writing a book. I also know a lot about getting stuck, hopping on the struggle bus, and getting derailed in your daily writing practice.

You don’t HAVE to stay in the struggle. You don’t HAVE to feel cruddy. You don’t HAVE to be stuck. Here’s how to shift your mood – instantly – and get back into the writing flow!

Bestseller Secret #1: Eat. You’ll feel better.

This is one of my “Rules for Life” – and it’s the simplest. When I’m feeling low, my blood sugar rushes to match. So go eat!

While it’s BEST if you eat a balanced meal or snack (duh) this bestseller secret is NOT to eat something healthy. Because when you’re feeling grumpy, sometimes a carrot stick and hummus, while balanced and healthy, aren’t as effective as a cuppa and a cookie in raising your mood (and getting you back into the writing flow!)


Bestseller Secret #2: Change how you’re writing.

If you’re on your laptop, switch to your notebook. If you’re at your desk, move to your couch. If you’re inside, head to the porch. If it’s too quiet, go to a café.

Changing your writing tools (from pen and paper to digital, or visa versa) can work WONDERS to lift your mood and get back into the writing flow. And never underestimate the power of moving WHERE you’re writing too.

Even a temporary shift in tool or location can serve to shift your mood!


Bestseller Secret #3: Pep talk from a mentor

My students in Finally Write Your Book course have a private, students-only Facebook group where they can come for a pep talk, advice, and encouragement from me AND their fellow authors. That “you can do it” support from someone who is also on a journey to write a book is invaluable.

My most successful authors use this – regularly! Because you’re NOT in it alone.

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