Sooner or Later… You’ve Gotta WRITE

I can’t write your book for you.

There, I said it. Whew!

Occasionally, I still get people who want to hire me to ghostwrite their book for them. I even get people who aren’t turned off by the $30K starting price.

But where they inevitably freak out is learning that even with MY fingers on the keys, they are still responsible for writing the book.

That means that the client (author) still has a lot of work involved. It’s still THEIR vision – their stories, their message, and they have to decide if I’m capturing their voice… or not.

Hiring a true ghostwriter, no matter how skilled, isn’t book-by-abdication. You (the author) still has to be MASSIVELY involved.

Here’s the other side of “I can’t write your book for you.”

At some point, you’ll realize that writing a book requires time and effort. You have to find the time to write – and then do it. It’s not a “write a book in a few hours” type of thing – not for the message-driven book you really want to create.

So you want to “delegate” the writing – the same way you can delegate emptying the dishwasher to your spouse or kids. Or you “cheat” the dishwasher and just pull clean dishes from it, as you need it, and let the dirties pile in the sink until the clean/dirty ratio is so skewed to dirty, you have no choice.

But you can’t delegate the writing. Just like you can’t delegate all the steps in finding your message, telling stories, and honing how you sound on the page; your voice.

Feeling frustrated?

I get it.

So while I can’t do it FOR you, I can help you.

Especially if you’re looking around thinking…

Where the @#$*%* did January go?!

Wasn’t it JUST New Year’s Day… And here we are at the end of the month. What have I accomplished?

Friend, I hear you. My January was … bumpy. It was not what I wanted it to be AT ALL. I feel like I didn’t take one step toward my goals – but I spent lots of time feeling stressed, run-down, behind, and like I was letting everybody (from the clients to the kid to the husband to the dog) down.

Deep breath for us both!

Because while January might be over, 2020 isn’t. In fact, this is the PERFECT time to do a reset and realize that the season in life of everything falling apart doesn’t last forever. And that we can create magic – and writing – no matter what the calendar says.

To that end…

Join me on Wednesday, February 5 for the “Your 2020 Writing Goals” workshop. In this free workshop, we’ll craft your plan for your writing, your book, and your message for 2020.

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