Should You Pay a Vanity Press OR Self-Publish?

First off, let’s take a look at the differences between a vanity press and self-publishing your book.

Vanity Press Recap:

  • You pay them to publish your book
  • They use an ISBN number that belongs to them
  • The vanity press takes a percentage of the cover price
  • Strict rules your book must adhere to, like title, cover design, and content
  • You’ll probably be charged for any and all changes
  • You will have to buy, store, market, and sell copies of your book
  • They may or may not own the rights to your book

I’ve never found a reason why using a Vanity Press is a better deal – time or money – than self-publishing. So to answer the question posed in the article title:

No, you should NOT pay a Vanity Press. Yes, you should self-publish your book.

After all, when you self-publish your book, all the rights are yours and so are all the profits. You completely own the work – and have all the business decisions like title, cover design, internal layout, sales price, and marketing.

Now, if you’re like many of the authors I work with, writing isn’t your only gig.

Which means that navigating the murky waters of self-publishing is something you know you need to do but you’re not excited about doing.

But don’t despair!

Just because you’re self-publishing doesn’t mean you’re on your own, flapping in the wind.

You really don’t have to spend hours researching all the ins and outs of formatting, creating a Table of Contents, or cover design. Although, trust me, you CAN dive into those rabbit holes for HOURS. And maybe even fool yourself that you’re “working” on your book.


Not all research is working. Some “research” is simply avoiding what you’re supposed to be doing in favor or looking busy.

Here’s something you can do, today, that puts an end to the “research-looking-busy-cycle”:

Buy the all-new product, “The Complete Self-Publishing Toolkit: Easily Format & Publish Your Book for Print & Kindle”

You’ll get:

  • Exactly how to set up your publishing accounts
  • A pre-formatted template for your book AND videos on how to USE it
  • System to make sure your text is beautiful and typo-free
  • Details on creating your book cover (hint: this is NOT a DIY thing)
  • How to actually GET your book onto Amazon

AND as a bonus, you’ll get how to format your book for Kindle AND my Easy Table of Contents Generator

Plus, it’s just $49.

Now what if you’re not ready Right This Minute to publish your book?

No worries! You get LIFETIME access to the Complete Self-Publishing Toolkit so if you’re not ready to actually DO the steps for another month, three, or six, you still have it at your fingertips.

But you’ve got to get a move on. Cart closes on July 23, 2021.

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