Savvy Saver Reveals Top Tips About Saving Money While Writing a Book

I figure there are two types of “savers” in the world –

A. I love a deal and am “saving” money (which means I’m looking for a deal)

B. I want to see that bank account GROW (which means I hardly spend ANY money)

C. I save — for a purpose. Then spend the money on that thing. <- ME

Writing a book doesn’t seem like an endeavor that can cost a lot of money, right?

Until you dig in and realize that you’ll need:

Writing software
Writing courses
Book coach

That list can quickly feel like it’s adding up – and getting Out.Of.Control.

Here are my top tips to save money while writing your book:

1. Decide what tools you NEED – and then grab them on sale

Let’s face it, writing a book and going to college have a LOT in common. You’ll need pens, notebooks, a computer, and word processing software. (Microsoft Word is JUST FINE!) When the Back To School sales roll around… stock up!

Schools around here start in late July or early August. So the second week in August, I’m hitting the stores looking for my year’s supply of notebooks. Not only are they cheap, but stores are also looking to dump extra inventory so my already inexpensive and beloved dark-blue-spiral-bound-college-rule notebooks are often 5 or 6 for a DOLLAR.

Computers also go on sale in the fall – and throughout the year. Watch for the sales!


Piggy bank isolated on yellow background

2. Create a savings account FOR your book

Funnel cash into it weekly or monthly KNOWING you’ll spend it on your book. Then when the exact right course (a-hem “Finally Write Your Book) comes along, you’ve got the money ready to go. This also works for saving up to hire a book coach (joining the VIP Writing Mentorship) or hiring an editor.

3. Say “NO!” to what doesn’t bring you closer to your dream

Savers rarely have the bright shiny object syndrome that looks like buying endless courses, notebooks, software, etc. Savers are GOOD at, well, saving!

But a saver often falls into the trap of spending more TIME to save a few dollars. Always ask yourself if how you’re spending your TIME is actually bringing you closer to your dream. If it is something that you’re better served paying for – and then spending the time you just bought back WRITING.

For example, my love-to-save husband, Ben, hired a yard crew to mow and weed whack our three acres (before we moved) so that HE could work on the house projects that only HE could do.

The same is true for your book.

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