Ride the Wave of Inspiration: Write Your Book in 2018!

Are you feeling excited and inspired to write your book this year?

January (and all of 2018) is sparkly and new and you’ve made the resolution that yes, THIS is the year.

Maybe you’ve even put words on a page already – and you’re pleased as punch that you’ve taken a step toward your goal.

Good job!

(What?! You thought I was going to say something else?)

Hey, I get it:

January 1 is a rather arbitrary date – but one that we hang so many hopes and dreams on. Wishes for a new start. A few days or weeks of actions moving us in the direction of our dreams.

And that’s a good thing!

The logic part of our brain says that we could draw that line anywhere – and make a fresh start no matter what the calendar says. But the emotional side loves the Big Fresh Start that happens on 1/1. (And the fact that January 1 was a Monday… swoon!)

I’m excited for you! I want you to ride that wave of inspiration. I’m setting an audacious goal – with you – that 2018 WILL BE YOUR YEAR. It’ll be the year that you finally get your book written. For real.

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And since we’re inundated with other “New Year’s Resolution” goals:

  • It’ll be the year you get into shape
  • Have a great relationship
  • Save more money
  • Clear the clutter

Because, YES! Let’s make it happen. Of course, the only one *I* can speak to is writing your book.

Here’s a round-up of resources that can make it happen for you:

1. Join the ‘Finally Write Your Book’ Facebook Group
This is a growing group of authors (non-fiction and many are writing business books) that come together for support, ideas, and fun. Plus, this is where I hold special “off the record” Facebook live trainings, make announcements FIRST, and generally pop in to give, give, give! New for 2018: Monday Morning Coffee With Kim Accountability Sessions.

Join the group:

2. Harness the Power of Mini-Goals
You want to write your book – yay! And you’ve already discovered that you can successfully write for a few days (or weeks) before your excitement dries up and… crickets. Your book lies untouched for weeks or months before you find another spurt.

Here’s how to change your reality:

3. Invest in Yourself
A small investment – done with intention and purpose – can change the course of your life. I recommend starting with my flagship mini-course, “The Book Idea Workbook”. It’ll help you hone your idea, find your excitement, and powerfully move into writing.

Get the course:

But the BEST way to make it happen?

A decision.

I want you to take a few minutes and decide:

This is the year you FINALLY write your book.
This is the year you invest the MONEY to get the support you need.
This is the year you make TIME your friend.
This is the year you SHARE your message.
THIS is the year.

Leave me a comment and tell me the action you’re going to take today to make this a reality for you!

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