The Rebel’s Way to Break Through Writer’s Block

Hey there my rebel author!

I know that you are determined to write your book your own way, on your own terms. I get it!

One of the BEST ways I have success is taking what my mentor says and… doing it my way! I’m a terror in the kitchen too. While I’ll USUALLY make a recipe as written, the first time, after that… look out! I’m going to innovate, improvise, and make it my own.

Except, when you do that for a book, it can often lead to unnecessary frustration, lost time, and stress.

And that’s no good!

Imagine the act of rebellion to NOT participate in writer’s block! Duuuuude.

What if writer’s block just didn’t exist… for you?

Pretty heady idea, isn’t it?

That’s exactly what my client, Maria did. And she went from struggling to write to prolific writer almost overnight.

I make it very clear in my course, Finally Write Your Book, that it’s a SYSTEM not a formula or a template. Which means, it works GREAT for rebels:

It’s DESIGNED for you to take what you need/want and ditch the rest. It’s also designed for you to go through it at your own pace (yes, even super quick) so you can get back to writing.

Now I KNOW that you’re not going to want to sit through an ENTIRE free class, you want in and out and on your way.

So here’s what I’m going to do for you, my rebel, I’m going to tell you exactly which parts to breeze through so it’s nothing but the get-it-done parts AND how you can enroll, right now, in the Finally Write Your Book course.



Watch from 2:04 to 37:16

Then from 1:09:32 to 1:16:10

Enroll at 1:01:08 (and get ALL the fast action discounts and bonuses)

Get started in the course!


Here’s to your book!