Put Down the Mouse & Step Away From ChatGPT

Did you know that everyone has their own linguistic patterns to their language – both spoken and written?

There are some gifted people – copywriters and ghostwriters – who can subvert their OWN patterns and enhance the patterns from their clients. But even the BEST of us are no substitute for the author’s own voice.

When you ignore all your OWN brilliance and go directly to AI, that is putting a machine voice front and center for your reader.

Instead of your own.

There is NOTHING that you’ll gain from that computer. Your reader wants YOU – all of you – because that’s who they love, trust, want to learn from.

YOUR message is the one that matters.

Your fears about the… whatever it is that is driving you to a soulless computer… are just that:


And following THEM, instead of your faith in God, your trust in your message, and your love for your reader will NEVER lead you to the right path.

You don’t need AI to “help”. You’ve already got this.

Kim Galloway
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