Progress Isn’t Failure

I got a really GREAT email in my inbox yesterday:

Hey, Kim!

Well, it’s almost the end of January.

How ya doin’ on those resolutions?

Did you start the year with so much enthusiasm that THIS would be the year you FINALLY got a handle on whatever “thing” has been dogging you for years?

Only to find… a few days in… it’s a LOT harder than you thought…

I think we’ve all done that. Heck, I did it this year! I started the year pre-planning and scheduling emails, social media posts, the whole nine yards. Weeks out. I used a content planner and everything.

And then… life happened.

The holiday break ended and all our normal activities started up again. Appointments resumed. Deadlines loomed.

And the planning? Well, it flew out the window like so much New Year’s Eve confetti.

She goes on to talk about setting a theme word for the year. (Which I think is powerful; I haven’t picked mine yet.) Read the rest here.

As I was reading this… I thought about MY authors.

I know so many of you set the goal (resolution?) that this is the year you’re going to write your book. No, really, it IS. THIS year. For REAL! You’re REALLY going to do it. THIS year.

Sound familiar?

You’ve got great intentions, lofty goals, and some can-do energy.

The challenge is you just don’t know HOW you’re going to make it happen.

You write for a while, fizzle out, and then…

Get mad at yourself.
Blame yourself.
Beat yourself up.

Worry that you’re wrong, you’ve made a mistake, you’ve wasted time, money, or energy. (Again!)

This is a LOT to unpack so stick with me!

1. Writing a book isn’t a goal you can manifest.

Years ago, I put a picture of a gila monster on my vision board. I’d always wanted to see one in the wild.

And then, coming back from a backpacking trip, there he WAS! On the side of the road – alive – and doing lizard things. I was ELATED! I had manifested seeing him. Right place, right time, right lizard. Completely out of my control.

Writing a book…

You can’t manifest that. No matter how hard you try, it will NOT appear on your hard drive.

So don’t beat yourself up about not “manifesting” your writing desires.

2. Writing a book doesn’t have to make you miserable.

You do not have to suffer. Enjoying it doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong.

3. Writing a book IS effort.

Full stop. It takes work, effort, learning, rewrites, time, and then some MORE work, effort, learning, rewrites, and time.

It’s okay to improve. It’s okay to get better. It’s okay to realize that you’re not “good” when you start.

My darling author, I want THIS to be the year of YOUR book. Yes, REALLY, the year.

It starts by looking at PROGRESS – not failure.

Keep track of how you’re doing:

Words added.
Skills gained.
Stories told.

And know that it all adds up.

Then, stay tuned because I’ve got something GREAT headed your way that will help you build those skills so you’re not doing it alone.

Kim Galloway
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