In This Free 2-Page Template, I’ll Show You… 

  • All you need for your book is to write down your signature talk, right? WRONG! I’ll explain how your book needs to be so much more. 
  • What to never do when you’re writing your book and why. (If you get this wrong, you’ll be stuck forever.) 
  • If you do this one thing, then your reader will walk away from your book transformed.
  •  The truth about writing your outline – it’s probably not what you think – and it can unlock your writing. 
  • What to never forget in your outline. Leave this out and you’ll have a boring book. 
  • and so much more…

Hi, I'm Kim Galloway, best-selling author of over 20 books, and I help message-driven authors finally write their books so they can share their message, help the people they’re meant to help, and get more clients. 

This Template (1 part of my 5-part, proven Finally Write Your Book System) has been responsible for helping authors around the world get unstuck, clarify their message, and finally have progress on their book. 

With it, you eliminate all the guesswork and will have a book outline that you can follow.

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