When the Pain of NOT is Greater than the Pain of DO

092716-painI woke up to a migraine today. And a huge to-do list. And a summit to run.

Could I have called it all off, crawled back into bed, and called it a day. Try again tomorrow. In all honesty, yes. I could have. You can always not do it. In fact, a lot of times not doing it is easier than doing it.

But that’s not me.

Before I go any further, this is NOT a commentary on working when you’re sick, powering through, or a discourse on a man-cold vs a woman-cold.

It’s about recognizing that I have been given a gift, and it’s up to me to honor it to the absolute best of my ability. Even when I’d rather do something else.

Because that’s what an idea really is. It’s a gift from God, the Universe, your higher self – whatever you chose to label it.

This isn’t about the to do list (in all honesty, I’m pushing MOST things on that “to do” list to tomorrow when I don’t feel like I wish there was a guillotine in my closet. It’s not about powering through.

It’s recognizing that taking the easy way of not isn’t in my best interest.

Tony Robbins said (and I’m paraphrasing here) that when the pain of doing something overcomes the pain of not doing it… you do it.

When the pain of doing something overcomes the pain of not doing it… you do it. #amwriting Share on X
  • 092716-laundryExercise.
  • The dishes.
  • Studying for an exam.
  • Putting gas in the car.
  • Folding the laundry.
  • Quitting your job.
  • Writing the book.

I’ve been at that point, you know. With my books, with my writing, with my dream. That the pain of not doing it was so huge the “pain” of doing it was mild in comparison. In fact, I share more about that story than I ever have on the Opening Ceremonies of the 2016 Brew Your Book Telesummit.

092716-gainSo today is recognizing that the pain of doing what I need to be doing far outweighs the pain of the migraine. I took some meds, had some caffeine, did some tapping, put lavender essential oil on my temples… I’m even writing this from my laptop (if you know me you know I MUCH prefer my desktop) so I can have my feet in a bowl of hot water and not have to worry about an electric shock!

You see, you are worth it. Your message, what I can offer you, what we can bring to the world together – it’s worth the pain of “doing it” today with a migraine. Your message matters to me.

Today, I’m not giving in to a physical pain – I don’t want to let the pain of not helping you find your dreams win.

Dig deep today. Find the “pain” of doing it – writing – and I think you’ll discover that the “pain” of doing it is actually far less than the pain of not.

Do you want to talk about what it takes to dig deep? Need to have a conversation with somebody who can give you an outside (neutral) perspective? Let’s chat!

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