Oh no! A Book on My Topic Has Already Been Written!

Books are a GREAT way to be seen as the go-to expert for your topic. So it can feel like you’ve missed your opportunity if you do an Amazon search and discover that a similar book has already been written.

Time to give up, right?


Come on, you KNOW what I’m going to tell you:

Your Message is completely unique to you. It’s your story to tell – and nobody can share it like you can.

Your book's Message is completely unique to you. It’s your story to tell – and nobody can share it like you can. Share on X

More than that, there is a person out there who doesn’t want A book about your topic… they are searching for YOUR book (and only you will do.)

Message is what you bring to the world – and only you can bring it.

Message is as indivisible from who you are as your skeleton is from your body; one cannot exist without the other.

Message is what sets your book apart from any others on the TOPIC – it’s something that can’t be duplicated, replicated, or copied.

Message can also be…


It’s one thing for me to assure you that your book WILL make a difference to your reader BECAUSE of your unique message.

It’s another thing entirely to FIND your message – and be able to articulate it in a way that allows your reader to feel your heart, know that they aren’t alone, and create the soul-to-soul connection that IS Message.

That’s why, in Finally Write Your Book, we START with Message:

  • What is it.
  • How to uncover yours (hint: the Slide Up Sideways Method is key to pinning down Message in all its elusiveness.)
  • How to craft it on the page.
  • Why it matters so much to your reader.

Starting writing your book FROM knowing your Message is also the difference between a book that matters… and just a book. It’s the key to keeping you in the writing flow, coming back to your daily writing habit, and a project you pick up occasionally in a flurry of activity and then pop back into the drawer.

And here’s the GREAT news for you:

“REVEALING Your Message” is Step 1 in my PROVEN course, Finally Write Your Book.

Instead of trying to figure it ALL out on your own — and getting derailed by an Amazon search on your book’s topic — you need to go check out my proven course, “Finally Write Your Book.” The great news:

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