Is Now a Good Time to Write Your Book?


It’s a word that’s ripe with promise. It feels shiny and new. There’s so much that can be accomplished… tomorrow.

Now, I’m not an expert on overcoming procrastination. In fact, I’m just as good at procrastinating as you are (and maybe even better!). And I’m all too familiar with the seduction that tomorrow holds.

  • Or this weekend.
  • Or next week.
  • Or in the spring.

And we’re in this limbo period on the calendar. When one year is winding down and the next looms on the horizon, fresh with promise of a new beginning.

It’s all too easy to put your dreams on hold – waiting for the New Year. It’s all too easy to write off the rest of 2017 – and forget about a more powerful word:


More immediate than even today, NOW is a word of power.

NOW is a word of power. What can you do NOW to bring you closer to your dreams? Share on X

It says that your message matters – now. And that you’re going to take the wonderful steps to start to craft your message – now.

You’re not going to wait for the tantalizing promise of tomorrow.

Because tomorrow, while shiny and new and exciting is also so easy to wait for. To let it creep up softly and then… have the time slip away just as softly, just as easily.

And nothing is worse than looking backwards into time at all the yesterdays that weren’t used up. At the weeks and months and years that have passed between idea and action – even if you’re dabbling along the way.

Please make the decision with me, now, today, that you’re going to work on your book NOW. That you’re not going to wait for the “tomorrow” of New Years, or January, or Spring – when “you’ll have more time”.

The only time we all have is the Now.

Because, trust me, you’ll be just as busy after New Years, or in January, or in Spring as you are in this moment. Busy will fill your life to full. And really, that’s okay. It really is. Because you’re not going to wait for life to fill up – you’re going to write right now.

Leave me a comment and tell me what your project is and the action you’re going to take RIGHT NOW on it. (Here’s a hint: that action doesn’t have to be huge – it just has to be immediate!)

Kim Galloway
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