My Super-Secret Ritual to Write Faster

You want your book to change lives. You want to Help People. (Yes, with a capital H.)

So it’s only natural to agonize over every single word.

The challenge is that then writing takes forever. And you’ve probably already spent weeks, months, YEARS “writing” your book.


It’s far easier to edit your writing into brilliance than it is to write every single word brilliantly the first time.


It’s impossible to edit what isn’t on the page!

That means that part of writing your book is getting your ideas out of your head (and heart!) and onto the page. As quickly as possible.

Here’s my super secret Ritual to write faster:

Say this mantra three times:

I have everything I need, in this moment, to write.

These ten POWERFUL words have unlocked authors just like you. And the best part about this ritual is that when you’re reciting this mantra, you can change the emphasis to give you power and motivation for where you’re stuck.

Writing in a waiting room, without your preferred tools, (instead of in your writing space)?

I have EVERYTHING I need, in this moment, to write.

Writing when you’re feeling unsettled and like all your ideas are lacking?

I have everything I need, IN THIS MOMENT, to write.

Writing when you’d rather be scrubbing the toilet – so it feels a touch forced?

I have everything I need, in this moment, TO WRITE.

What I love best about this ritual is that it is ten words that I can do anywhere, any time. I don’t need a candle or silence or a meditation cushion or a singing bowl or any THING fancy.

Pen and paper.
10 words.


Need a little extra help to get writing? I recommend The Book Idea Workbook. This mini-course allows you to QUICKLY get the ideas out of your head and onto paper. Then to figure out where you want to start – which is the difference between a “Yes! I want to WRITE THAT BOOK” and a “well I guess I should write that book, since I guess it’s time and I kinda have to.” (Aka a “should” book.)

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