My “Can’t Live Without” Products for Writing Your Book

Every year I write a “Gift Guide for Authors” where I pull together the BEST gifts to give an author. This list are my PERSONAL must-have, can’t live without products for writing your book.

Please note that these are affiliate links so when you purchase from them, I’ll get a small commission. And also know that some of them might change from time to time.

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Can’t Live Without Lap Desk

While I prefer to write from my dual monitors, ergonomic keyboard desk, when I’m working from my laptop on the couch or propped up in bed, THIS lap desk is where it’s at.

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Weighted, Heated Neck Wrap

My dad bought this for Ben and I for Christmas and it’s been a Game Changer. It conforms around your neck and shoulders and has a TIMER plus different heat settings. I don’t know about you, but when I’m writing a ton in my notebook, I end up gripping my pen in utter excitement – and that tension travels up my arm and settled in the area where my shoulder meets my neck. OUCH.

This neck wrap is the game changer for me. It allows me to write more, and more comfortably.

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The “Wave” Keyboard

I write. A lot. And when I transition from the tax office to my own writing business, I couldn’t figure out why my upper body suddenly ACHED. I was in my 20s for crying out loud!

It all stemmed back to HOW I was using my keyboard. In the tax office, it was moving from typing in short notes, using the 10-key calculator, and lots of mouse work. WRITING is well… home row on the keyboard all the way.

I discovered the Wave keyboard (wireless, of course) and have since worn out FIVE. I can’t recommend this enough!

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Water cup with a lid

This is another of those things I use and abuse – my water cup! Over the years, I’ve had dozens of them (they don’t survive a drop very well) and they last longer if you don’t put them in the dishwasher.

It’s the Copco Minimus double wall tumbler

The reason I like THIS cup rather than a cheaper version:

  • Insulated. Keeps the drink colder longer.
  • Wide base. So many cups are very narrow at the bottoms so they tip.
  • Screw-on lid. It doesn’t pop off!
  • Clear. Out of sight… out of mind. If I can’t SEE the water, I forget to DRINK the water.

Finally Write Your Book Course

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