My Art Teacher’s Tips to Writing Your Book

All through high school, I was a regular fixture in Mr. Ward’s advanced art classes. Fifty minutes every day of just… drawing. Since I was in the advanced classes, there was limited instruction and lots of time to create. I’d spend an entire semester working on ONE large drawing or painting.

It was a project.

That meant that there was ZERO room to get it done in the days before the deadline. I had to work on it Every.Single.Day. And not just in class; my dad built me a beautiful art table at home and I would work on my drawing for an hour or more every night too.

When I got to college, I was surprised to discover that it was Mr. Ward’s art classes that had best set me up for academic success. That daily habit of working on my project.

As adults, I doubt we can find TWO 1-hour chunks in our day to write our books. I know I can’t! But I can take the daily lessons from Mr. Ward and translate them to writing your book.

1. Daily efforts add up

Did I work on my drawing (on my own time) seven days a week? Probably not. But I do know that MOST evenings and at least one weekend afternoon would find me drawing.

When you strive to write every single day to write your book, you’ll probably get 4/7. And that adds up!

2. Practice makes improvement

You’re not coming to your book not knowing how to write AT ALL. You’re actually a pretty skilled written communicator – emails, social media posts, blog articles, etc.

By practicing your writing skills, you will improve. And you’ll add new skills that are unique to writing a book, like storytelling.

3. Teachers matter

While much of Mr. Ward’s classes were self-directed, he was a brilliant art teacher as well. I learned more about perspective in his class than in any of my art classes since. And while I “knew” my color wheel, it was his lessons on mixing paint that really allowed me to see how to create rich depths of color.

Your teacher matters. You want a teacher who is passionate about their subject, currently working in the field, and has successes of their own AND clients.

(Yes, that’s 100% me when it comes to writing. I have studied writing my whole life, have a degree in Creative Writing from the University of Arizona, written over 20 books of my own, and have dozens of students who have bestselling books!)

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