Must-Have Resources for 2020

Today is the 53rd Tuesday of 2019! So to celebrate the last article of the year, I wanted to give you my top posts from the last SEVEN years.

As we progress from 2013 through 2019, I invite you to notice how my writing skills, voice, and style have changed and grown. It goes to show that no matter how much you write, writing more means you’ll write better!


Should I Respond to an Amazon Review?
You’ve received a glowing review… or one that makes everything you’ve ever heard about Internet trolls seem tame. Do you respond? Find out >>>

Why You Should Keep A Business Journal
It’s the end of 2019, and I’ve been keeping business journals since 2003. To date, for this business (which is called On The Beach Publishing in the article) I’m on journal #22! Learn more about why (and how) to keep a business journal >>>



The Best Feeling
Discover what it feels like to hold your book in your hands for the very first time! Especially for you if you’re needing a boost to keep going – this is what the finish line feels like. Find out >>>

5 Tips to Writing Back Jacket Copy
I still share this article with my authors today! When you’re ready to write the book’s description, you need to remember one thing: It’s Marketing Copy! Discover the other fours tips here >>>


Rant: When People Want Your Book For Free
You know I never think you should offer your book for free – but when a “friend” of one of my authors asked for this freebie, I was seeing red. Be sure to leave a comment and add to the conversation! See Kim’s Rant >>>

eBook vs Paperback? Which is better?
Occasionally, I STILL get an author who wants to publish just an eBook. My updated philosophy is that yes, we do both versions, but for the LAUNCH we start with the paperback and eBook comes later. There are a few instances where only one or the other is best >>>




5 Tips to be a More Consistent Writer
In this article, you’ll see the foundation for many of my “get it done” writing principles! Check out the infancy of “mini goals” >>>

Why Pay for Something You Can Do Yourself?
This is a philosophy I developed in 2016 but REALLY put into practice this year – by having a toddler in the house! It’s also something supported by all of the mentors in my life >>>




The Power of Setting Mini-Goals
This is one of the core principles I teach my authors – and it’s the one that means they finally write their book. Put this into practice in your writing today >>>

Why I’m Getting Tired of Carrying Your Dream
Don’t be put off by the title! This is one of my most impactful articles – and it served to separate the people I’m for and the people I’m not. This is also the introduction of my “one lone candle” metaphor. Read this article to light your own path forward >>>



The 6th Mental Monster
This mental monster is the one who comes at the very end – after most of the writing is done – and tries to prevent you from sharing your message. Maybe you need this article or maybe you need to share it >>>

Should You Write a Blog Or a Book?
It can be so tempting to take the “easy” way and writing a blog instead of getting started on your book. And it can be equally tempting to use a collection of your past articles AS a book. But there is a clear path for your message! Find it here >>>



Guilt Has No Place in Your Writing
Does writing feel like a “guilty” pleasure? (And then gets shuffled off to the dregs of your time?) I get it – that’s me too! Find out how to stop feeling guilty and write more >>>

What’s Your Give-Up Moment?
2019 is over … and if you didn’t write your book this year, you can either give up on your dream or figure out your go-forward plan. Here’s some help in making that decision >>>

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