Message, Marketing, and Getting Messy

Let’s talk about your message – and why it is the center of your book AND your marketing.

(Don’t panic that I said ‘marketing!’)

Think about it:

Your message is the bigger reason why you’re writing your book. Why you’ve created your business. Why you get passionate and impassioned.

It’s the center to everything – and everything revolves around it.

For me, I tell you, over and over, that your message matters. That you’re worthy of writing it, sharing it, living-and-breathing it.

But your message impacts me in a bigger, deeper way.

MY message, my why, is to get these precious messages out into the world—where they can do good. Where a message (your message) can bring love and hope to somebody who is struggling, afraid, in pain.

(Not all messages are heavy! That’s important too!)

So how does your book’s message relate to your marketing?

Because all too often we try to divorce the two.

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Message is empowering. It’s why you do what you do, why you help who you help, why people hire you, and why your heart breaks when you see somebody you can help and they can’t say yes to themselves to become your client.

Yet all too often we think of marketing as this Big Scary Thing. Filled with “fancy talk” and statistics. Launches and opt-in pages. Coupons and price points. (OMG! Not PRICE, investment!)

Deep breath.

Marketing is an extension of your message. It’s your message poured into a vessel that allows people to get to know YOU and WHY you do what you do. It helps them imagine how their lives could change.

Marketing is why I share stories of my son, pictures of my backpacking trips, and why I speak on so many stages about Mental Monsters.

I’m a real person. I share my life with you – and my passions. I’m not just into MESSAGE when I’m in my office. I’m into message AT ALL TIMES. My message is that YOUR message matters. I want you to relate to me as a human, a soul, a woman, a wife, a mother, an author, a businesswoman, a country-girl, a dog lover, a backpacker/camper/hiker, an inept housekeeper, a daughter, a friend, a niece, a sister.

Don’t separate your message from your book. Don’t separate it from your business. Don’t separate it from your marketing.

BREATHE into it.

It’s the center of your life. Let it shine.

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