Are you making regular deposits in your Dream Account?

I do a lot of one-on-one Adventure Writing Discovery Sessions where I’m working with people to discover their best next move – that one thing that is not just a next step but the best next step.

And no, it isn’t always working with me!

But when I feel I can offer support: coming to an event, VIP coaching, a product, book publishing, ghostwriting, etc., I do share what that would look like. As well as the investment.

And that’s where the rubber really meets the road. Is your dream of writing and publishing your book really worth it?

Or not?

I’m not talking price. I’m not talking sacrifice. Because price and sacrifice, frankly, don’t get the job done. You don’t sacrifice to get your dreams – but you do invest in them.

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Are you investing in your dreams? Because all dreams are held in a Dream Account – where they wait while you build them up, little by little, until they can manifest in the physical world.

Or where they wither and die…

Let me tell you about making regular deposits in a Dream Account:

Beyond my degree in Creative Writing I’ve also invested in writing workshops all over the world. Time away from my family, airfare, tuition, and in the case of four weeks in Russia, FIERCE culture shock. But those experiences shaped me – as an author and as a person.

I published my first FIVE books while still working a full-time job. When I say “full-time” it was 35 hours a week from May – December and 60+ hours a week January – April. (I worked in my family’s tax practice.)  That was a big deposit in my Dream Account – to take the little steps, day after day, that created the big dream. Now I get to write every day as my own boss.

I haven’t watched TV in nearly a decade. I only recently picked up Netflix. (I’ll admit I will watch Redskins football – but that’s about it!)

And classes, workshops, and trainings beyond my degree? It adds up quickly – and is well-over twice what I paid in dollars for my degree. Because my degree ONLY taught me how to write – not about business, marketing, or all the other things I need.

This – all of this – are regular investments in my Dream Account. It’s not price, cost, or sacrifice – it’s an investment that pays me dividends: financially, lifestyle, and dream-fulfillment.

What are you doing to invest in your dream? What steps are you taking to meet it half-way?

See, the 19 published books, the international sales, the awesome clients, the best-selling books… It wasn’t an “overnight success” story. I wasn’t ‘discovered’ – I invested in my Dream Account through an accumulation of small and big deposits.

If you’re not making a regular deposit in your Dream Account and investing time, energy, resources, and money, then it might be time to figure out the cost. Because there is a cost…

The cost of not doing it and living a life unfulfilled.

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