Looking for a Book Writing Template?

In my “Finally Write Your Book” Facebook group, I was asked if I could recommend any good “templates” for writing a book.

I get it! The task of writing a book is a big one – and the idea of having a fill-in-the-blank template is attractive to take a big topic, big idea, and a big project and just pour it into a template and BOOM – book.

Except …

You have a big idea. You have an important message. Are you REALLY looking for a one-size-fits-all template? Do you really want your book to feel like you used a cookie cutter template to write it? And don’t you think your readers would notice?

Hint: They’ll notice!

In your heart of hearts, you know that you book is worth so much more. It’s worth the effort to actually WRITE it – from scratch. It’s worth the work of learning how to write – and then doing it. It’s worth writing well.

You’re not going to find any templates here! But you ARE going to find plenty of support. Because a TEMPLATE isn’t what you’re looking for. You’re actually looking for a book writing system that works with any book, any topic, any message, (and any length) to create a book you can be proud of and a book that is 100% you and your message.

So, let me show it to you:

Step 1: Crafting a Kick-Ass Plan

It’s more than just publishing a transcript or gathering up some blog articles and shoving them together. (Or a template!) You’ll start by diving into the “stuff” you’ve already created – your articles, trainings, talks, videos, and podcasts – and use it as the framework for your book. It’s more than just re-purposing content; it’s starting here and building to make something great.

Hint: You need to do it in a way that’s easy for you while creating a fresh, exciting book for your reader.

Step 2: Build the Tension (aka Don’t Be Boring!)

Too often, non-fiction writers forget that story is still important – and it’s what keeps the readers engaged! So bring the best aspects of story and utilize them to powerfully write your book. Here’s where you want to discover your unique voice and honor it in the book – so your readers keep turning pages!

Step 3: Making Your Message Matter

The writing flow can be elusive! But you can “get into the flow” of writing so the words pour out – in a confident and coherent manner. You’ll also need to make sure that you’re always on topic in your writing so that your reader feels like you’re talking directly to her. AND have a plan to go from “flowing words” to a coherent manuscript.

Step 4: Editing, Publishing, Launching, & Beyond

Too many times, I’ve seen writers unable to start their book because they can’t see the “big picture” of the publishing process (and how to use the book once it’s published!). You can’t have a published book without writing it, but you also need to keep the end in mind! So go ahead … take a moment and evaluate your three publishing options, and the pros and cons of each so you know which will work for you. AND decide what happens after you publish, including how to use your book to increase your credibility, expertise, and reach.

Step 5: Beating Procrastination & Writer’s Block (So you can keep writing!)

Writer’s block and procrastination seem to be a fact of life. But what if they didn’t have to be? You need to cultivate the habits of writing and inoculate yourself against writer’s block – for this book and all your future writing. Because the act of writing a book is just that” putting words on the page, over and over, until you’re done!

This is the system I walk my VIP clients through (with plenty of hands on support) or you can find it in a home study version of the “Brew Your Book Bootcamp”.

You can write your book – and you need a system (not a cookie-cutter template!) to help! And once you learn the system, you can use it over and over to write this book and all the other books you want to share with the world.

Kim Galloway
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