Let’s Talk About Perfectionism

There are two places where authors get tripped up by wanting to be “perfect.”

The first is when you’re writing your book. You want every word to sing on the page, to have the exact amount of gravity – and levity.

You want your writing to be clear, concise, witty, and professional.

And yet…

When you’re not actually that clear, concise, precise, etc. IN YOUR FIRST ATTEMPT, you give up.

Don’t believe me?

The average author who I speak with has been working on their book for MORE THAN TWO YEARS. Many as long as three or five. (And if you’re at this for more than ten… you probably will NEVER finish.)

So here’s a news flash for you, friend:

You book will NOT be perfect as you’re writing it.

You’ll struggle. You’ll lose interest. You’ll write in circles. You’ll be redundant. You’ll have bad habits all over the place.

Striving for perfection WHILE YOU’RE WRITING is a waste of time – and will drive you nuts.

I’m going to be talking about the writing process non-stop the ENTIRE month of August. AND I’ll be bringing you a special opportunity to improve your writing and get a jump on writing your book. No more waiting, wishing, wallowing.

Now here’s the OTHER place where authors mess up with the perfectionism…


You’d THINK that after all the hard work of writing your book, you’d want the published product to be perfect, flawless, and 100% typo-free.

What actually happens is you write the final word on the final page, declare it “done”, and rush off and self-publish.

Totally forgetting that the book – probably large sections of it – really AREN’T perfect.

There’s a big difference between DONE and Ready to Publish.

Now you KNOW I’m going to tell you to hire an editor.

But what I’m also going to tell you is that before you self-publish your book, you need to get your copy of “The Complete Self-Publishing Toolkit: Easily Format & Publish Your Book for Print & Kindle”.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Exactly how to set up your publishing account
  • A pre-formatted template for your book AND videos on how to USE it
  • My exact system to make sure your text is beautiful and typo-free
  • The must-know details on creating your book cover (hint: this is NOT a DIY thing)
  • How to actually GET your book onto Amazon

AND as a bonus, you’ll get how to format your book for Kindle AND my Easy Table of Contents Generator (which is a $800 value in headache saving ALONE.)

But here’s the OTHER thing:

If all you got from your $49 investment was the system and confidence to find and fix any typos, that ALONE is worth the price of the product.

And the peace of mind knowing that you’re book actually is as perfect as you can make it? That’s something worth celebrating!

Get your copy of “The Complete Self-Publishing Toolkit: Easily Format & Publish Your Book for Print & Kindle” HERE.

But you have to hurry. Cart closes on July 23.

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