Let’s Defer that Decision!

As you know, I got sick with the flu on January 30, 2020. I know the moment it happened, because I was in the middle of the book launch for Rochelle Seltzer and “Live Big: A Manifesto for a Creative Life”. (Get the book)

I made it through all three hours… bundled up in a blanket and so achy I wanted to die.

And since it really WAS Influenza A, it took me the better part of two weeks—and countless rescheduled appointments and deadlines—before I started to feel better.

During those two weeks, my normally can-do attitude was not just absent but had done a 180 and was feeding me thoughts like:

  • You’ll never make any more money in your business…
  • All your clients will get impatient – and ask for refunds…
  • You’re going to miss [something] important…
  • Ben will have to bail you out…
  • Why are you even doing this…
  • And on and on and ON it went.

To make matters worse, I’d already planned some big things in those two weeks:

  • The 2020 Writer’s Goal Setting Workshop (and launch)
  • Massive progress on THREE client projects
  • A planned de-junk day of the office
  • The spring Storytelling Retreat for the Finally Write Your Book VIP Mentorship clients
  • Initial promotion for my 2020 live event

I rarely have time for guilt (especially “mommy guilt”) since it’s just a waste of my time. I’m very emotional anyway so I like to save it for things that matter. And guilt… really isn’t in my top 100.

But while I was sick every.single.thought was negative.

As SOON as I started to feel better though, my normal “God-has-my-back, I-can-figure-this-out” attitude started to reassert itself.

So when I was on a coaching call with a VIP Mentorship client today and she started off with “I don’t feel great” and followed up with “I’m not sure why I’m spending time on this book” I was quick to break in.

She was feeling at about 60%. (I think that’s generous, but okay!)

And all the Mental Monsters she was citing were just that…

Mental Monsters. Brought on by feeling lousy.

So, my darling author, if you catch The Crud this spring (Influenzas A or B, sinus infection, upper respiratory crap, strep, pink eye, or any OTHER nasty germ) here’s what I want you to do:

  1. Stay home and rest.
  2. Drink some fluids.
  3. Wash your hands.
  4. Don’t try to pretend that you’re not feeling like crap.

And when we feel like crap, it’s really hard to do anything. So do the minimum and don’t let your germs infect your positive attitude.

I promise, when you’re on the mend (and it’ll take longer than you want, longer than you have time for, and long enough to freak you out!) you’ll be able to get back to writing, marketing, and helping people.

In the meantime, trust me about washing your hands!

Kim Galloway
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