Learning vs Doing: How to Get the Most Out of the Courses You Buy

There’s a big difference between watching a class on how to do a thing and DOING the thing. And for most learning, you can’t simply absorb the “lecture” and then be able to do the process.

For example, I bought a workshop on Instagram Reels from Marta Spirk. BUYING the workshop didn’t impart any knowledge.

I wasn’t able to attend the workshop live (story of my life) so I had to make time to watch the workshop replay. Because it was a replay, I was also able to pause it (over and over) to open popsicle wrappers, change a diaper, and queue up an episode of Blaze and the Monster Machines.

But just WATCHING the replay still didn’t give me the confidence to create a reel.

I had to watch the workshop, whip out my phone, open Instagram, and DO THE ACTIONS.

Which I did. While I’m far from good at creating reels, and I’ve yet to figure out how to create one that has anything to do with writing a book, I was able to shoot and edit a reel that was far more complicated than what I’d done before.

Total time: about three hours.

Don’t panic that it took me three hours to create a 15-second video!

That time includes watching the 90-minute workshop, asking questions in the Facebook group, and doing the steps to create the reel. But now that I’ve DONE IT, the next reels will be significantly faster. Minutes instead of hours.

Learning isn’t instant.

And you won’t be able to write a book from JUST watching my training videos.

You’ll understand the theory. You’ll THINK you “get it.” But without taking the actions in the lessons, writing, and doing the steps, you won’t ever actually WRITE a book.

Frustrating but true.

A few months ago, I took a class on how to scan in my watercolor artwork and use Photoshop to digitize it for art prints and products. It is so much more involved than just “scan and print!” Currently, I’m working on taking a set of four of my paintings and turning them into notecards – so I can send you mail.

Even though I’d taken this class to learn all the steps to color correct, crop, resize, etc. my art, I STILL tried to shortcut the system. Scan it into Photoshop, try a few automatic color corrections, load to Vistaprint to make notecards.

And it looked like CRAP. Nothing I wanted to spend my money on to print, let alone to send to YOU.

WHY this surprised me, I’ll never know. The instructor was VERY CLEAR that I couldn’t do what I’d just tried.

I know why I’m trying to shortcut it. It’s a four-hour long class. Yes, I’ve watched it – but I didn’t take notes, let alone TRY any of the steps she was giving.

Is the time I spent watching the class wasted?

Only if I don’t watch it again!

  1. Watching without doing gave me the language of this new, technical skill.
  2. Watching without doing gave me the foundation of the process.

Next I’ll need to watch and take notes. (So I don’t have to watch it over and over when I want to DO it.)

And while I’m watching and taking notes, I’ll have my computer in front of me to ALSO follow along.

I have no illusions that it’ll be a quick process. It’s a whole new world for me. I have few skills to draw from (although I’ve used Photoshop for decades so I’m NOT starting from scratch!)

  • If I don’t DO the exercises, I’ll never learn.
  • If I don’t do them over and over again, I’ll never become proficient.
  • If I’m not afraid of making mistakes, I’ll never find MY way of doing it.

Writing a book is so much more than putting words on a page. You have that skill – and we will build from it!

What you need is the REST of the knowledge – and the willingness to apply it.

In my new course, Finally Write Your Book, I’ve broken down my proven system for writing your book into micro steps so that you can take one action every day – and see success.

I debated about loading up six 1-hour long training videos. (How I’ve taught my VIPs for years.) But the problem is that you’d need to watch the whole hour, then go back and do the exercises. Probably needing to watch most or all of the video AGAIN.

Who has time for that?!

Instead, I’ve broken each of my five steps down into tiny lessons. TINY. Most videos are well under 10 minutes – and you’ll need about that long to DO the exercise as well. So about 20 minutes to watch and complete each lesson.

20 minutes is doable in your day. One step, one a day, moving FORWARD in your book.

And you can get started RIGHT NOW for just $97.

Since this is an at-your-own-pace course, you don’t need to schedule live training calls into your week. In fact, you get instant access to Step 1 the moment you sign up!

But don’t delay. Enrollment ends Friday, June 3.

When you enroll in Finally Write Your Book, you’ll learn:

Step 1. REVEALING Your Message

Message is the heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul connection to your reader. It’s your reader’s way of knowing that you’ve been where they are – and that you can help them.

Using my Slide Up Sideways Method, you’ll uncover your message (the one that you’re sharing in your book and that is the foundation of your purpose on the planet) so you can ditch the marketing jargon and deeply connect with your reader.

Message is your North Star that guides you – and that will make your readers fall in love with you (and buy your courses, programs, or coaching!)

Step 2. OUTLINING Your Message-Driven Book

If Message is your North Star then your outline is your guidance system. But this isn’t your stodgy high school outline (ZERO need for roman numerals!) Using my Hot Mess to Clarity Curve, you’ll plan how to take your reader on a journey through your book – so they walk away from the book transformed!

Plus, we use the Pizza Slices Process to create hunger for the OTHER things you do!

Hint: You don’t put EVERYTHING you know into your book.

Step 3. STORYTELLING for Maximum Impact

Writing a book isn’t “just the facts” of how your personal experiences or proprietary system can help your reader. (That’s just being boring!) In Step 3, you’ll learn how creating an Emotional Punchline means your reader will remember – and implement your teaching.

And we’ll use a Memory Meditation to help you recall the emotions and details of YOUR experiences so you can bring them to life on the page.

#truthbomb stories aren’t “nice to have” – they’re the difference between a boring book and one that creates maximum impact.

Step 4. TARGETING Your Reader’s Experiences

In Step 4, you’ll learn about the Reader’s Continuums to uncover how you need to reach your reader – what exact words and ideas will move her heart. And using the WIIFTR Decoder, you’ll know exactly how to put the reader first in your book. (Otherwise, your book is just about you!)

Plus, you’ll use the My Reader Worksheet you can print out and put next to your computer to ALWAYS know how to craft your words so the reader will feel seen, heard, and loved!

Step 5: WRITING Your Book

It’s time… to put words on the page. Words become sentences, sentences become paragraphs, paragraphs become chapters – and you’ve written a book! I’ll give you my PROVEN 10 Word Writing Mantra that will unlock any form of writer’s block. Plus, we’ll use the Power of Mini-Goals to help you keep writing and not get stuck.

And you’ll uncover your Mental Monster and know how to get rid of him – for good.

Join today! Doors are closing June 3, 2022.


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