Launching a Book? 5 Must-Know Launching Ideas

031015-BookLaunchAh… launching!

If you’re like a lot of people I know, launching ranks right up there with de-junking the garage. Kinda fun in its way, it can be satisfying… But also a lot of work, sweat, and sometimes it’s hard to see if you’re making any progress.

Launching a book is just like launching anything else.

It’s made easier with support.
It helps to learn from the experts.
Give yourself more time than you think you need.
And never underestimate the power of really good chocolate!

(BTW: I learned a ton about launching from my client, friend, and mentor, Maribel Jimenez. If you’re looking at launching a program, she’s your go to gal!)

And remember, launching is a process! It’s not as simple as pushing a button. It’s a series of intentional efforts to create momentum.

Part of making a book launch successful is your willingness to think outside the box. Sure, you’ll want to share it on social media and to your newsletter list but here are 5 other ways to increase exposure during your book launch.

1. Send out press releases

NEVER underestimate the power of your local press! Sure, sending a press release to a national publication or a world-wide website like is something you should look at. But most local media outlets are hungry for local, positive news!

2. Schedule a launch party

Usually held a bookstore or retail location, a launch party is a combination book signing, reading, and all-around party. You’ll coordinate with the business owner about refreshments and time commitment. Come ready to mingle!

3. Ask people to interview you

These interviews should be scheduled 3-6 weeks before your launch so immediately following your book’s release, you’ll have lots of interviews lined up. You can start interviews ahead of the release date but I wouldn’t do more than a week out.

031015-Postcard4. Bookmarks

I love free stuff and I love bookmarks. Put the two together and yay! (I order my bookmarks as 5×7 double-sided postcards and have them cut at my local copy shop.) You’ll then sprinkle the bookmarks around town – anywhere you think your ideal reader is hanging out. Just be sure to include a book synopsis and ordering information!

5. Schedule a {blog} book tour

Instead of driving all over creation to give readings and signings, you’ll do it virtually through a scheduled series of guest posts and interviews blogs related to your target market.

And with any launch – have a plan! Selling books is a great start, but you’ll also want a way to connect with your readers outside of the pages of your book.

Are you ready to publish or launch your book? Let’s connect!

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