How To Know When You’re Ready for A Mentor – Five Key Indicators

Since we’ve rolled into 2019, I’ve had strategy sessions with SEVEN authors about their books. They’re all in different phases of writing, editing, publishing, and launching, but they all have two things in common:

  1. They are passionate about their message – and the world needs this message Right Now.
  2. They need help, mentorship, guidance, and support to get to the next step in the process.

(Now, you KNOW I have my soapbox about the importance of your message so there is one thing I have to tell you:

No, not EVERY author I speak to is writing a message-driven book. A few are looking no further than “credibility” or “expertise”. There’s no passion there. And no, not someone I take on as a client!)

But these authors – without exception – have a message that is ready to move out into the world.

The other thing these authors recognized is that they’ve gone as far as they can – by themselves. There are questions unanswered (What comes next? Am I being boring? Is this the right place for this story/this teaching? How do I publish? What will it take to be a best-seller?) that they’re seeking out help to find the answers.

There’s a deep strength in realizing that you aren’t infallible. That you don’t have all the answers. That no matter how much research you do on your own, nothing is a substitute for guidance from someone who not only has walked that path with her own books (20, to be exact) but who has also guided others through the same proven system.

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So how do you know if you [insert your name here] is ready for mentorship? Here are five key indicators.

1. You’re sick and tired of being stuck, frustrated, and searching for next steps.

As humans we KNOW that help is always available – once you ask for it. And we also have a stubbornness that keeps us from humbling ourselves and asking for it.

(Come on, you KNOW that’s true!)

At some point, you reach a point where you’re at the end of your rope – and you’re still 15 feet above the ground. The only options LEFT to you are A.) quit or B.) get help.

Please, please, don’t quit. You’re ready for mentorship when quitting isn’t an option.

2. You’re coachable and ready to listen – and do!

No one mentor has all the answers – not me and not any other coach, mentor, or expert. But I have MORE knowledge about books and all their steps than you do. So why on Earth would you ask for help and then not be ready to listen and take actions?

(Remember what I said about being stubborn?)

It’s humbling to ask for the help and then (sometimes this HURTS) to listen and accept the advice when it’s given. You’re ready for mentorship if you can listen with an open mind, ask questions for deeper understanding, and willing to do the work.

3. The idea of facing another New Years, birthday, anniversary, or [your trigger moment] without having your book done is abhorrent to you.

MORE than abhorrent, you can’t stand to look at yourself with yet another broken promise. It’s harsh, it hurts, and it’s REAL.

You have that precious message inside – and you’re kidding yourself if you say that you’ve been a good steward of it. You recognize that you’ve been waiting, putting off, and letting it slip away while you’ve been doing…

What exactly?

You’re ready for mentorship if you’re really ready to DO THE THING. Now. No more waiting.

4. You’re ready to invest in yourself.

First off, writing a book is NOT something you can do in an afternoon or a weekend. (It also doesn’t need to take years!) You’re ready to invest in yourself to learn how to write – and then write. You’re ready to invest the time.

And you’re ready to invest the money. Because you really HAVE gone as far as you can with the free resources – that’s a great step. Real learning and transformation happens when you’ve got skin in the game.

You're ready for mentorship when the idea of NOT doing your book is worse than following the steps to write it. Share on X

When I first invested in a year-long mastermind, I dropped EIGHTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. It was the money from the sale of my home. This was my savings. And I was ALL IN. I went to every training call, did all the homework, participated in the Facebook group, and got my happy a$$ on planes to go to the in-person trainings.


Because I AM WORTH IT.

So when you see – truly and deeply see – that YOU are worth it, then you’re ready for a mentor.

(Don’t make an assumption about time OR dollars until you have a committed conversation with a mentor! Don’t take yourself out of the game before you even start.)

5. You’re going to find the RIGHT mentor – and keep looking until you do.

Just like I don’t know everything, I’m not a fit for everybody. Mentors are like that… there’s an energetic, spiritual, knowledge-based fit. And if it’s not a fit – FIND A MENTOR WHO IS.

I’ve mentored with:

  • Ali Brown
  • Lisa Sasevich
  • Dr. Venus Opal Reese
  • Maribel Jimenez
  • Nicholas Kusmich
  • Sabine Messner
  • Kathryn Calhoun
  • Jeff Olsen
  • Steve Orlen
  • Luci Tapahonso
  • Josip Novakovich

And my list goes on…

Some of the mentors I’ve studied with over the years were a GREAT fit – others were less-so. No matter what, I took what I could, learned the lessons they had, and kept searching to find what I needed.

You’re ready for mentorship if you commit to keep searching to find the perfect fit.

Remember, as much as you want to create your book, nothing on this list is coming from a place of desperation – that energy doesn’t serve you and you can’t create from empty.

Now here’s the question I want you to honestly and solemnly ask yourself:

Am I ready for a mentor?

If the answer is yes, then I invite you to apply to talk to ME. (After all, we’ve been forging a relationship for a while now!) Let’s discover if we’re a fit to work together. It all starts here.

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